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Angel Guider 7 has been a user of Keen since 2015. Getting Love & Relationships advice from Angel Guider 7 through is safe, secure and confidential. Since its inception in 1999, Keen has been a trusted, reliable resource for personal live advice. Whatever floats your boat. If you drink alcohol, it may well be the cause of your love handles and it might be the solution to them as well. Wine, beer, cider and other low alcohol content drinks have over 100 calories per glass! Count your calories well, they stack up quickly, and especially quickly if your weekends involve lots of alcohol. 2. Willie J. Guider 'Red'Nashville - Age 72, passed away May 6, 2020. Survived by loving family. Viewing Thursday, May 14, 2020, 12-6, visitation Friday, 11-12 with funeral to follow at Terrell ... Flame Reader And Love Guider. 5.0. 448. Readings. 2019. Year joined. 182. 2. Live chat. Get a live text reading now. $2.99/min. About my services. My ability to read your energy goes beyond the cards and deeper then crystals. When in a session with me you’ll see that my energy can be your compass into understanding the direction of your ... Mariann Guider passed away in Chicago, Illinois. Funeral Home Services for Mariann are being provided by Gibbons Family Funeral Home. The obituary was featured in Chicago Tribune on September 29 ... The u/Love_Guider community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. The best exercises to get rid of love handles include aerobic activities and strength training. First thing’s first: You’re going to need more than exercise to get rid of love handles. Reducing your calorie intake and eating healthy foods is also key. The combination of exercise and diet will help you create a calorie deficit, which is ... Find local TV listings, watch full episodes of your favorite TV Shows and read the latest breaking news on TV shows, celebrities and movies. Getting Love & Relationships advice from PsychicSteve08 through is safe, secure and confidential. Since its inception in 1999, Keen has been a trusted, reliable resource for personal live advice. Today, Keen is a leading Psychic Readings community for live, immediate advice and insights. Love is god gifted. People are in true love, they must be lucky enough to find someone who respect their love relationship more than anything else in this cruel world. Marriage would be successful when there wouldn’t be any barriers between you and your darling.

If You Read One Article About Small Sex Dolls Read this One

2020.09.24 09:04 69realdoll If You Read One Article About Small Sex Dolls Read this One

If You Read One Article About Small Sex Dolls Read this One

What Is A Small Sex Doll

A small sex doll is a specific model within the wide sex doll’s classification consisting of tiny dolls of height between 141cm to 150cm. Other descriptive terms for such models are tiny, miniature, or mini sex dolls. They are quite a variety of small sex dolls based on material make, appearance, and even technological installations in them.
In this small sex doll buyer guider 2020 article, we will shade more light on what these dolls are, their various sub-categories, and why you need them. To begin with, let’s introduce some multiple types of small sex dolls. The description in each contains all the features you need to learn about your best choice model.

Top-Selling Small Sex Doll

If you are looking for the most popular small sex dolls, here are some of 69realdoll collection with top priority in the market. Each of the following categories come with the most erotic features to unsettle your nether.

Small Breast Sex Doll

Do you mind small breast sizes? If you do, then here is an excellent opportunity for you who fantasizes about little adult dolls. The Small breast sex doll is an up-for grab sub-category for those who have an undying lust on soft, tiny, and sexy pointed breasts. A fact you must note, however, is that the small size here remains relative. Though generally appearing small, they vary in exact sizes from one doll to the next. Thus, you will always have the AA’s, which are the most miniature and B cups, which are a bit larger for their bra sizes.
Furthermore, under this collection, there is fur more classification based on material type, body curves, and general appearance. , for instance, is a 107cm AA Cup Small Japanese Sex doll with small breasts, hips, and even butts. Many others in her category exist as well, from which you can pick your best.

Small Anime Sex Doll

Within the anime sex doll category, there is the small anime sex doll sub-category mainly defined by the small size dolls. As per the description of this guide, these are dolls with heights, not more than 140cm, and neither lower than 100cm. Like the full-size models, the small anime sex dolls come with anime features like elf ears, varied hair color, big eyes, and so on.
Not forgetting their purpose for existence, these dolls also come with realistic orifices for ultimate sexual pleasure. Mouth, anus, and vagina, all of these are well-accommodating for any user. Further selection basis will now depend on other sexual fantasy features you prefer. These would include breast sizes, ass, hips, muscles, race, and general appearance.
The 132cm AA cup is one of the best small anime sex dolls you can consider. She is blonde, with high-quality TPE skin. Her looks are amazingly awesome, and she never chooses the man to be with.

Small Silicone Sex Doll

The small silicone sex doll is another prime category to look out for when making your best selections. The most attractive feature here is the skin type. Silicone is high-quality material in sex dolls’ production. Its longevity, ease of cleaning, and stain resistance qualities makes it highly valuable for this purpose. The most realistic small silicone sex doll in this category come with a smooth and soft skin also to add on its overall ultimate performance.
A small silicone sex doll is never a single model, but many. The definition of the rest depends on their exact physical design and so appearance. Thus, the ebony, blonde, muscular, anime, Japanese, American, and many other dolls are within this classification.

Small Sex Dolls For Sale

Often, when looking for small sex dolls for sale, many options come to mind. Majorly is about what exact type you want then follows how much the dolls go for. The ordinary rates for small sex dolls, however, are never extravagant unless you need one with sophisticated technologies.
One key rule while looking for the small size sex dolls or any other is trading with a reliable supplier. They will always have the best models carrying the certification by various overseeing bodies. Also, their products are of high quality coming from top manufacturing companies.
For time worth consideration, the 69realdoll has been at the top for being one of the best sex doll suppliers. They rely on quality products, fair rates, free shipping, and ultimate support on their products.

Why You Should Buy A Small Sex Doll

For specific yet essential reasons, purchasing a small sex doll is of great worth. Many different models exist under this selection, and each favors particular user preferences. Though the significant intention for buying them is for sexual engagement, there is a lot more beyond that. See the reasons below.

Generally Cheap

Full-size sex dolls usually come at higher rates compared to their small counterpart dolls. The relativity of cheapness here means affordable. Each model in the small size group comes with different price rates depending on the material of make, appearance, and installed technology. For instance, a small silicone sex doll will sell much higher than a TPE type.


For some sex doll buyers, the portability factor counts a lot in their selections. Small sex dolls often weigh less, averagely 20Kgs, and are of limited height, not too tall. These features, therefore, contribute to their overall high portability. Hence, they are quite convenient for those with limited storage or would like to carry their dolls along to their trips.

Sex Position Convenience

Because of the high portability level of the small sex dolls, it is easier to use them in varied sex positions. This is especially worthwhile if you are practicing in a new style. The life-size or real human being might not be convenient enough. With small sex dolls, however, it is easy to shift them from one position to the next in your explosions.


Small sex dolls are short, light, but sweet lovemaking robots you can use instead of the full size. Their design equally combines all those erotic features to turn you on only by a mere sight of one. Any selection you make, however, remains cautious of quality. A high-end model should and will serve you long and more conveniently.
Our is here to better your sexual life and lifestyle. You can look our for more of what we have: Big Boobs Sex DollsSmall Breast Sex DollsAmerica Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTeen Sex DollsAnime Sex Dolls
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2020.09.02 00:55 killdim A gift for astronomer

I’m planning an anniversary gift for my wife. She was an astronomer and observer for many years, and left it only because family and astrophysics and observation and low income as a researcher can’t last long with the family. Saying that, i was looking for a small, but very good telescope for that kind of person - that might spark again past love :) after some research I found
( William optics redcat)
It got excellent reviews, but I need a guider and DSLR camera to make it work properly.
On other side I found something like
(celestron 5se nexstar telescope )
Or even 8se version of it Which comes already with guide and everything, but it significantly heavier. Like a lot more.
We do not have observatory like room or window opening to have a stationary position (provided it makes sense at all) so we have to bring it outside on the deck or backyard.
So given context of a person it’s going to be given, what you guys thinking about Redcat? Does it really worth the money + guide + dslr device ? Or it’s roughly the same as Celestron ? Or you have better ideas ?
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2020.08.31 23:37 my7sins Looking to get gear for astrophotography any help would be appreciated!

To try and keep it short and sweet this is what I have written so far as to what I need
Mount : iOptron Smart EQ Pro+ goto equatorial mlint Scope : williom optics zenith star 61 or z73 Camera: Nikon D5100 Finder scope:? Guider:? Fieldflatner:? Filters:?
My question is are the scope and mount decent enough to get good photos - keep in mind I don't mind the investment as I don't want to upgrade within a year or two.
secondly I see a lot of people mention an older Canon camera although I already have the nikon from when I photograph so would that be a feasible dslr or should I get the Canon or an dedicated scope camera?
And finally do I need anything else such as teh stuff listed with question marks and do you have any reccomendations?
Much love and thanks!
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2020.08.15 12:47 acharyanilakantha Revamp your life through Vashikaran Specialist in Mumbai

Revamp your life through Vashikaran Specialist in Mumbai
Many people can’t go through the right track of their life and they start to act in such a way like they have lost everything. Love can make you feel rich and love can screw you of all emotions that you ever had in your life. Love has a deep effect on people’s mind and love is something that we all experience at some point of time in our lives.
Vashikaran specialist baba ji in Mumbai will give you the very effective Vashikaran mantra to get ones attention. If you are facing problems due to love, family, career and business and many other issues then Vashikaran specialist in Mumbai is experienced about Vashikaran and give you an obstacle less life.

What is Vashikaran?

Vashikaran means control over someone. Vashikaran exists since the ancient period. Monks have used this procedure to solve people's problems. They also have a tough time and Vashikaran helps them to make their life easy and better. Before people adopted Vashikaran as a normal way to solve their problems but now people don’t know about Vashikaran and who knows among them some are Vashikaran specialists. Vashikaran was banned nowadays because some people start using it for bad purposes. Vashikaran is a historical work of art that takes after hypnosis which means to bring someone under complete one's control. It is a combination of two sentences Vashi & Karan means attraction and influence on any soul.

How Vashikaran solve your problem

Problems often do not let couples to live a blissful life. There are various causes of those problems. Some of them are even out of our knowledge. Due to which some problems do not get sorted out As a result, you need to consult the Free Vashikaran Specialist in Mumbai. He is an expert specialist having a wide knowledge of Vashikaran. When you discuss your problems with him, he also analyzes your problem. Then he will find the way you aware of the reasons behind your issues. He even helps you with every problem and also guides you at each step as a life guider and you will not have to face problems anymore in your life.

We also provide a solution for other problems like

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You can also get our service in other cities

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If you have any query about our services of Vashikaran then call on +91 9776190123 or visit
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2020.08.05 06:11 Soldierofallah1 Day 34 complete Alhamdulillah. “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Indeed! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.”

Alhamdulillah for another day free from PMO filth, self-sabptage, self-neglect, self-harm, self-abuse, displeasing Allah. Without Allah I know I am absolutely nothing so I must remain humble. I have decided to take path of self-growth again and I shall not let anyone or anything stop me in sha Allah. A lot of time has been wasted in desbelief and destrucdtion obeying the accursed fithy satan and enough is enough. All praise and glory be to Allah who has been Helping, Guiding and Protecting me, there is no greater Helper, Protector and Guider. After all the deadly sins I have commited and transgressed against Him He has still allowed me to better myself and still cares loves and cares for me. I waged war against shaytaan and shall fight him till the last breath, enough is enough and no more following his footsteps tp deception and destruction. I shall build myself and not let him sabotage me. With Allah anything is possible. I have a lot mussed Qaza's and fasts to make, a lot of sins to replace in sha Allah. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His slave and messenger. SubhanAllah. I am doing well ridding myself of all disbelief and hypocrisy and I am never going back to filth as nothing good comes from it. Looking back I feel sick just thinking about it and realise I was lead astray extremely badly but Alhamdulillah He is guiding me well and I am freeing myself from it. I am also fighting against shaytaans waswasas, ignoring them and staying aware so that I do not let them fester inside of me. He wants to destroy us so we must not follow his footsteps even one bit, he is every son of Adam's open and sworn enemy without a doubt. Alhamdulillah for everything, I am very thankful to my Lord. I have also been recieving tests from Allah which I shall continue to be aware of and pass all of them so that He may increase my rank. Knowledge is power and light Alhamdulillah I must not stop learning. I am also doing well keeping unconditional dignity and not treating myself or others as objects. I have increased my zikr and I'm enjoying it a lot I am slowing moving past all the sins I have comitted and realising it is all about the future now in sha Allah. Spirituality with religion is ver important and always doing the right thing over the wrong. Doing good is the only option and their is no use in the other option but decption and hellfire. I must not lose hope and give up. Allah can make anything happen as long as I obey Him completely and put Him first and not as a side thing, that is the trick Alhamdulillah. I am also staying away from toxic people and remaining assertive fully focussing on myself. Intuition is important but is important to negate any satanic intuition as it can only cause trouble. I am going to continue growing and working on myself always as remaining heedless and stagnant bores me out anyways. Alhamdulillah for everything. It is all about becoming more and more righteous and never going back to the same filth and enjoying the real rewards in sha Allah. My spiritual strength has increased a lot and I am grateful. The most important thing is imaan because this world is nothing but a temporary illusion and a test which I have been failing for far too long but Alhamdulillah Allah saves me again and again from the darkness and puts me in the light. I am going to start to stay far away from anyone who has contributed to wasting my time and ruining my time. I am not taking too many things to hearts and taking worldy matters lightly in order to easily pass tests. I am waiting for my Lord to guide for all affairs so that I do not go wrong and astray. It is all about moving towards angelic nature and away from animalistic demonic nature which I have totally had enough of. I ask Allah to give me more tests so that I may be able to improve. I am totally focussing on myself with no drama, fighting others, accusing, slandering, cursing, insulting and putting myself in a low state in sha Allah. There is light in my vision and all praise be to Allah. I am humble and shall remain humblr as I know I am nothing but a weak disobediant slave of Allah. I with transcend my nafs and to a higher one and leave that to Allah Almighty to help me. I am also making sure I always putting this world second and just as something I need to do and not getting attached to it as it is bound to perish and is never worthy of worship as anything temporary will always betray you and decieve you so the only One worthy of worship is Allah. I can see shaytaan trying to bring me down as I move up but I cannot let him defeat me and continue to seek refuge with Allah from him. I have to remember Allah knows all my intention so I have to keep them clean and pure. Becoming pure and innocent is the main goal of life and tsripping yourself of all the false egos although an ego is necessary in this world we should not identify with it. There is a lot misguidance on the internet wich shall take you to the hellfire and destroy yiur life whilst you think you are doing good so its important to be careful. Sincerity is extremely important as mocking and being towards Allah you are just deluding and fooling yourself. So we must follow all His commands and renew faith every single day with the kalimahs in sha Allahu ta'ala. All religions our from satan except Allah's perfect religion, it is protection, prevention, cure, healing, guidance, balance between peace and fighting, it is perfect ans contains everything we need. Alhamdulillah. I am trying to perfect my deem slowly but surely as that it the only that matters after which we automatically get the benefits of the world. Everything is a test and whenever someone does bad to me I see that they have obeyed that qareen and failed their tests which would not allow them to feel good so I leave them to Allah and focus on myself and ensure I do not allow my waswasas to fester at all. I am very grateful to Allah for saving me from darkness time and time again, afterall He is Most-Generous, Most-Kind, Most-Merciful, Most-Compassionate, All-Loving, All-Forgiving and only punishes so that we may be brought back to Him and not because He is a evil Lord na'auzibillah. I am improving a lot day day and shall not stop moving away from darkness and towards the light. I have a lot to owe as I have obeyed satan one too many times and must make up for it by doing immense good deeds without being single bit lazy or stubborn. Alhamdulillah I've not had any urges on this sacred journey to salvation so far and I am grateful to Allah. Although I need to focus and lower my gaze completely at the gym. Opportunities are slowly opening up to as remain more and more sincere to my Lord. This religion is only for me and my Lord does not need me and shall destroy me in a second if He wills as I am nothing but a weak slave in His Eyes. May Allah give us all strength upon strength to continue on this blessed journey to salvation and freedom, honor us and increase our ranks, help us to quickly negate shaytaans whispers and not let them fester, become more concious, self-aware and mindful, increase our intuition, intellect, spirituality, help us to not be dogmatic and close-minded, help us to not have false hopes, lose hope, be ungrateful to Him, becime attached to this temporary world and put Him second, become arrogant, proud or egotistical and always remember we are nothing without Him, help us to always grow and never stop, free us from the chains of our past, help us to npt care about what others think, help us to become independant, assertive, help us to work hard and smart, help us to never let shaytaan get to us, protect us from misguidance and help us to not go astray and remain on the straight path, increase our knowledge and understanding of His deen, protect us from all bad, evil, troubled, demonic, abusive, oppressive and tyrannical people and help us to nevr become life them, help us to love and respect each other for the sake of Allah, protect us from bad company, disbelievers, those who openly disobey Him, protect us from all the evil of which He has created, open the eyes of hearts to the truth and help us to never deviate from the truth, help us to do immense zikr and never put a limit on it, purify , enlighten and beautify our hearts, faces, body's, souls, auras, lataifs help us to abstain from all sins and obeying the accursed one and pleasing Him ta'ala, bring us cloder and closer to Him and put the love of His prophet and all His righteous slaves in our hearts, help us against all the distractions of the world, help us to control our anger and remember oit is from shaytaan , help us to transmute sexual enerfy, help us to realise nothing good ever comes from filth and doing bad deeds, help hto have good character, manners, become honest, sincere and trustworhy, help us to nevr spiritual bypass and learn to deal with the problem at hand, help us to have a giving attitude and help others open heartedly without being miserly or selfish, forgive all our major and minor sins, guide us to the straight path, accept all our duas, help us to increase our love and fear Him, help us to fear none but Him, proect us from those who want to bring us down and stop us from succeeding, help us to overpower them, help us to realise He is always with us and not against us and shaytaan our enemy is against us, help us to erase every bit of disblief, hypocrisy, confusion ad doubts and realise it is only doing damage to ourselves, help us to remain mindful of waswasas, help us to meditate longer and more efficiently, lift any punishments placed upon us and have mercy on us, help us to realide the damage sins cause, help us to not go agaonst religion, help us to realise all strentth, power and success comes from Him, increase us in peace, tranquility, and contentment, help us to never become conent, complacent, or lazy to do good, help us to remember Him abundantly, help us to increase our understanding of Him, soften our heartd and remove the stubborness to do good and refrain from bad from our hearts, heal us of all the damage our sins have cause us spiritually, mentally and physically, protect us from shikr and bidah and not do it no matter if others do it, increaase our physcial, moral, sexual, social and financial status, show us the truth to all things help us to remain spiritually, physivally and mentally clean, help us to have a sound heart, help us to become more and more innocent , help us to stop swearing, insulting, cursing, fighting, becoming corrupt, being a hypocrite, rationalising our sins and treating them lightly, being insincere towards Him, becoming like the wrong people, keeping bad time wastinf company, making the same mistakes again and again, delaying or missing prayer, disbelieving, doubting religion, thinking bad of others focussing on others and not on ourselves, nor calling upon Him when in need of Help, not practicing patience, losing hope and trush in Him, thinking badly of Him, not loving and fearing Him, trying to gain good from evil, following the footsteps of shaytaan, enjoining evil and forbidding good, looking down on others and abusing, arrogance, pride, selfishness, greed, envy, showing off, not making dua to Him, choosing to go astray, loosing faith, not controlling anger, not trying become a better and sincere muslim and deluding yourself, mixing falsehood with truth, giving into shaytaans decption, backbiting,gossping, accusations, suspicion, spying, neglecting rememberance of Allah, remove all diffculties from us and relieve us from all our disease and illness, help us to have growth mindset and that theres always room for improvement, help us to transcend our egos and not remain mediocre, help us to be in full submission to our Lord, give us the full strength and courage to do what is right for us, help me to memorise the Quran eith ease, helo us to become openminded, help us to think big and not be medicore, help us to past every test we are given be Allah, help us to have a full spiritual awakening and never go back to our old selves, help us toregulary renew our imaan, hepp us against toxic people and help us to not become like them, help us to do what is beautiful for His pleasure, help us to overcome lust. Ameen.
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2020.08.02 13:07 DrDovel I really don't wanna mess this up

(Very sorry for grammar and how Long it is) So I (14M) went for this 4-day camping and met this girl (16F) and got a Kinda small Crush on her right away. Then we got sorted into the same group and both of us were quite quiet during the walks and challenges until i accifently overheard her mentioning ATLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) which I have a very strong interest for. I mentioned I loved it and from there we just went on and on and on about it for like an hour, also talked bout TLoK and The Dragon Prince, we laughed and giggled, smiled, frowned shared the inside-joke look etc so much and shared opinions and everyone else in the group Said they were very glad hearing is both talk so very enthusiastically about something. I think I fell in Love with her during that convo. Later it started raining really heavily and we were tired and she had some especially bad memories from raining so she was Kinda down so I just brainstormed things to talk about and it worked! I got her mind off of The depressing setting and she later thanked me. After that I could basically, almost No matter the subject, get out the enthusiasm and lots of laughs and smiles etc. . When we got to sit down to eat and rest we made eye-contact multiple Times and it was like i could see her entire face smiling with pure Joy and the eye-contact was longer than like a full second of looking into each others souls and only seeing Happiness. I know it sounds chessy and everything like that as fuck but idc i'm just so happy. Well this basically continued for the rest of The days, we found some more Common interests. Another highlight was when our group was gonna walk Up a mountain with her blindfolded and she let me be her guider on left Side. The last Day of The camping was there, everyone were packing their stuff, but because of previous experiences I didn't even come Close to daring telling her how I feel, I did get her insta tho and she went for the hug as goodbye. She Said that she barely Ever used social media and so she prob wouldnt respond very quickly. Luckily it turns out we don't live too long away from each other so i hope to be able to arrange something. Thoughts about everything? Do you think she might like me?
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2020.07.14 19:53 Macpherb Dr. Dovahkin: How I Learned to Stop Modding and Play the Game

So to start this post, I want to say that I love this community and have really enjoyed becoming a part of it. However, there is something that seems to be missing: a modding guide that doesn't have specific mods and a specific modlist in mind. I'm sure this is a a result of a few things (none of which are bad): 1) This game has been out for almost a decade and the modding scene, while still active, has gone through many changes. 2) There is such a variety (this is a good thing!) of mods, modding styles, tools to mod, and playstyles, not to mention even multiple iterations of the game: Oldrim, SSE, VR. 3) The "Guiders" of the community haven't stayed consistent, both because some people have moved onto other games/life/etc, and because new people are discovering the wonderful world of modding Skyrim every day (again, not a bad thing).

Before I get into my proposal and asking for suggestions, I want to explain (hopefully briefly, but I tend towards long-windedness) my history with Skyrim and modding (If you have no interest in my autobiography "Dr. Dovahkin: How I Learned to Stop Modding and Play the Game" - Just kidding; I'll never stop modding-, skip to the TLDR below):
  1. Never played Skyrim before January 2020.
  2. Received Skyrim for Nintendo Switch for Christmas (because my husband knew how much I loved Zelda Breath of the Wild and the crossover items sold it).
  3. Started playing and was immediately hooked. I played through nearly the entire game (inlcuding DLC, Guild Questlines, etc) and realized that I was going to be "done" soon and wasn't willing to let go.
  4. So I started a second character, which I made it pretty far (more role-playing this time), but it wasn't quite what I wanted, so when Quarantine hit, I pulled out my crappy laptop and decided to see if it could handle a slightly modded Skyrim.
  5. I had never modded anything before (to be honest, my PC gaming experience was DOS games, DOSbox emulating, and floppy/CD games like Commander Keen and Jill of the Jungle), so I joined this subreddit and started Googling/Youtubing everything I could.
  6. It was overwhelming to say the least and guides everywhere contradicted each other, were wildly outdated, or just plain confusing for someone that had no experience. But when I get obsessed, pretty much nothing can stop me, so I downloaded Vortex and started adding Mods randomly from the Nexus.
  7. I started small and only added what my potato could handle and it went quite well. I fell in love with Elysium Estate and the LOTD museum. I played for a while and it was fun, but I kept wanting to add more mods that I would see recommended on here and Nexus. I knew that I would probably mess everything up by adding more, so I made a spreadsheet for a future playthrough.
  8. In April, I made the mistake (?) of checking what my average FPS was. 15. I was averaging 15 FPS with NO graphics mods and maybe a dozen mods, and this was on Oldrim. I decided that for my birthday, I was going to buy a nice laptop that I could play on at a higher FPS and with more mods. So I asked my brother to help me pick one out. Of course, he ended up talking me into building a custom desktop instead, which he helped me do over the phone from halfway across the country.
  9. So, now I had a brand new beautiful computer and what did I do? I downloaded Vortex and installed LE from Steam, and added a hundred mods and played for an hour and had a CTD. And another and another. (In hindsight, of course I did, I literally only used LOOT). I posted here (with my modwatch list) and got one response which was a suggestion to use SE instead of LE.
  10. So I wiped my computer and installed SE. And proceeded to download as many of the mods I had used before, just the SE version. And I added a few more, because of course I did. I couldn't even get the game to start. So I posted here and got one response which was a suggestion to use MO2 instead of Vortex.
  11. I was a little frustrated at this point, so I wiped my computer and started over, but decided to follow S.T.E.P. I made it almost to the end before realizing that not only did it not include LOTD (I know that not everyone likes it, but I refuse to play without at this point), it also seemed to be pretty outdated.
  12. So I looked up Lexy's list and I wiped my computer and started over with that, and I made it about halfway before I realized that while I was learning some stuff, I didn't really know why I was doing most of it. And, I figured, if I am not learning, why not see if there is an easier way?
  13. So I wiped my computer (I like a clean slate, if you couldn't tell) and I downloaded Wabbajack. At the time, there was no official Lexy's version, so I tried two different unofficial versions. Once was way too much for me (the graphics were all 4K and 8K and my computer, while decent, wasn't up to that) and the other was too "hardcore" for me. I wanted new stuff, not just more difficulty. I played it anyway for a bit, literally died a dozen times within starting because I kept spawning in a large bandit group, but running away eventually worked. I played to about level 20 and "enjoyed" it, but then I found out that the official unofficial (IDK) Lexy's list was back on Wabbajack.
  14. All together now: "So I wiped my computer". Great job! But, yes, I did and I installed this list I had been dreaming about. It was fun, still hard (and sometimes annoyingly so like the crazy dark and difficult Bleak Falls Barrow, and Hypothermia every time I swam in the Sea of Ghosts), but fun. I grew to love Inigo and Lucien and I made it to about level 50. The nudity was a bit much, and like I said, I wouldn't have added some things to my own game, and there were some things I wished had been in it but weren't (I really wanted to try Bruma, for instance).
  15. One more time: "So I wiped my computer". And this time, I have taken nearly two months to read and re-read and watch and re-watch every mod description, and outdated guide, and random GopheGamerPoets/MxR video. I have read more posts on this subreddit than any other. I have tried, and somewhat succeeded, to read through the Tome of xEdit. I was determined to make my "perfect" modlist and learn most imporantly, why I was doing what I was being told to do. There have been frustrating moments and apparently my new catchphrase is "I am almost ready to do my real testing", because my husband pointed out that I say this nearly every day...and have been for a week or two. And I am...almost ready to do my real testing.

So, are you still reading? I did warn you that I am long-winded.

TLDR (not really, but it got your attention, didn't it?)

I want to create a new guide. Now, hear me out: One that doesn't jump into the heavy tech side of things and one that isn't formed around a specific modlist/style/etc. I want one that can grow and change organically with the growth of this community. I know that this subreddit is sort of this exact thing, but it is daunting for a newbie, so often, instead of researching, they just post "CTD?!! WHY?!!" with no modlist or "Steam Sale - What mods should I get?" with no information. The sidebar, while somewhat helpful, isn't always up to date, and honestly, after clicking on links that lead me to a half decade old post or to nothing at all, I was frustrated. Those in the community that have been here for awhile seem tired of us newbies, and I get it, especially when you say the same thing for the umpteenth time. And, yes, we should google/reddit search, but sometimes we want a faster answer, especially about something that people seem to think is "obvious".

I'm going to try and create something like this; I'm not sure exactly what form it will take yet, but I want it to be something that can grow/change with the community, is easy to navigate/understand, and is a broader explanation of why we do what we do when we mod and not a do these exact things because I told you so. Guides like Lexy's and all the mod authors and moderators of this subreddit are all amazing and I wouldn't be inspired to do this if it weren't for them. I want to give back now, and I feel like this could be my way of doing it.

Here's where you guys come in: suggestions? Some thoughts I have so far: give a glossary of often used terms, a list of tools (where to get them, what they are used for, and a where to find more information such as tutorials), mod suggestions for all kinds of play styles, and links to YouTube videos/Reddit posts/etc for further information. I want to create, and curate, something that people will refer newbies to and they will be able to and want to use it. There will be section for those that don't want to learn, and just want to play, and that will revolve around Wabbajack. There will be a section for those that want to learn a little, but are wary of jargon and hesitant to believe that they can learn. There will be a section for those that ENJOYED reading the Tome of xEdit (I kid, but I actually did enjoy reading through parts, once I understood more of what it was saying). All those things that you feel are like "Duh" now; I want to explain those things in an easy to read (and hopefully not long-winded) list. Because they weren't always "Duh" to you or me. I want to explain the difference between ESP/ESL/ESPFE/ESM and what Bashed and Smashed Patches are. I don't know everything; far from it, so I am going to need help on this project.
EDIT: First off, thank you for the amazing response! It's a bit overwhelming, to be honest, but I'm excited! I want to make sure an temper expectations because there does seem to be some confusion about what this will be exactly. (I mean, it's crazy that my super long confusing and rambling post doesn't immediately make it clear...)
(Actual) Short version: I want to make a reference repository. It won't be a guide, but a one-stop-shop to find links to guides/tutorials/videos/FAQs/Installations/etc. There will be very little "new" information, but rather a place you can go first before scouring Google/Reddit/Steam/Nexus OR as a last resort if you like the treasure hunt. Often I wouldn't know how to search for something nebulous in my mind, or at the very beginning, I just didn't know where to start or what options are out there. You read a few posts here and you can easily get lead down one path, but find out later that there are a lot of other options (even though many people will insist their way is the ONLY way). I want to show those options (and somewhat explain what the difference is, but mostly provide links to other places that will do that way better than I can). I am NOT an expert by any stretch of the imagination and so would not be qualified to create a true "guide", but I can give links to things that have helped me.
I started working on this last night and I'm really excited about it. I hope to have a WIP first "draft" to release soon. So far, my sections include a glossary, a list of tools (with links to where to download, videos on how to install, the official tutorial if there is one, and any other helpful things I could find), a list of YouTube videos on a variety of subjects, a general HELP!! section that will list issues I and others have encountered and links to what helped us fix it, and a fun section. Other plans include much more detailed sections, with more links, on things like DynDOLOD, ENB, Creation Kit, general conflict resolution, specific mods/playstyles like LOTD, Beyond Skyrim, Requiem, etc. Again, these won't be guides on how to use these, but helpful links on where to read more. I also would like to do a section that lists popular mods and alternative options, maybe even a review section.
Edit: I want to make sure that I make something very clear: Guide creators, moderators, mod authors, YouTube creators, veteran modders, etc are all amazing. I am not trying to replace any of these, nor am I trying to diminish what they do. This is NOT a "you are leading this community poorly" diatribe; this is an attempt to showcase their work and make it even easier to navigate for both new and older modders alike. I want to contribute in a way that will hopefully complement the already existing modding community.
First phase is almost ready for release! I am nervous and excited for you all to see it! If anyone wants to help me out with looking it over before I do a general release, please let me know!
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2020.07.09 21:25 jizzle12 Hey Bungie, now would be a great time to enable guided games for Leviathan

My clan and I love to Sherpa and a few of us would like to finish the requirements for the master guide emblem. With everyone trying to complete moments of triumph by completing the old raids, I think this would be beneficial to both guiders and seekers
submitted by jizzle12 to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2020.07.07 23:33 leajmllj A strange connection

🇺🇸: so when i was approximately 11, i loved paranormal things, being scared, horror movie, etc… And one day, i went to the library and i borrowed a book about paranormal, Ouija, communication with the dead one and many more. In this book, there were instruction to speak with a ghost, you needed to think about the person you wanted to talk to then place you finger in the middle of the book and the spirit will guide you through the letter to form a word. I was really sceptical and didn’t think it would work. I tried to speak to my grandma and my finger made the word emotion in french and was written "emosion" instead of "emotion" turned out it was a spelling error that my grandma did often when she was still alive….
🇫🇷: J’avais approximativement 11 ans, j’adorais le paranormal, avoir peur, etc.… Un jour, je suis allée dans une bibliothèque et j’ai emprunté un livre sur le paranormal, le Ouija, la communication avec les morts et plus encore. Dans ce livre il ya avait des instructions pour contacter un fantôme. On devait penser très for à une personne à qui on voulait parler et puis placer son doigt au milieu du livre et laisser l’esprit le guider pour former un mot. J’étais très sceptique et je pensais que ça n’allait pas marcher. J’ai essayé de contacter ma grand-mère et mon doigt a former le mot émotion, écrit "émosion". Je me suis rendue compte qu’elle faisait souvent cette faute quand elle était toujours en vie…
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2020.07.07 20:43 forellenfilet So I built this bad boy, I really love it. A budget build which cost me around 1k €. Lot of videos watching lately and heard how much guiders talk about cooling your system down. To say, I am actually cool with my default CPU and GPU cooler. Let me know what you think!

So I built this bad boy, I really love it. A budget build which cost me around 1k €. Lot of videos watching lately and heard how much guiders talk about cooling your system down. To say, I am actually cool with my default CPU and GPU cooler. Let me know what you think! submitted by forellenfilet to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2020.06.25 03:24 maxfax2828 [Book Excerpt: Nightbringer] More subtle example of a Grimdark society

Recently finished the first Uriel Ventris novel. Overall enjoyed it (despite not being able to keep track of all the political character names), but specifically found this part where Uriel and Barzano first experience Pavonis to be something that really stuck in my mind.
Vendare Taloun smiled, exposing a row of perfect teeth, and Uriel was reminded of the fanged grins of the hissing hormagaunts he’d killed on Ichar IV. Uriel had only met the man ten minutes ago, but already did not like him.
‘So, Adept Barzano, Ballion Varle tells me that your ship was attacked during your journey. A bad business indeed. The governor must do more to prevent such atrocities.’
Uriel noticed Taloun was cleverly not trying to hide the fact that Varle had told him of their early arrival, guessing that Barzano must have already known. He wondered if Taloun thought that Barzano could be bought as easily.
‘Yes, my dear Taloun, a bad business,’ agreed Barzano. ‘We were indeed attacked, but saw the rogues off sharpish.’
‘That is good to know,’ nodded Taloun. ‘We have heard such tales about these despicable aliens.’
The man smiled at Uriel, patting his armoured knee. ‘But now the brave warriors of the Ultramarines are here, we have nothing to fear, yes?’
Uriel inclined his head, unimpressed by the man’s over-familiarity.
‘I thank you for your vote of confidence, Guilder Taloun,’ replied Uriel, using the local form of address for one of the cartel chiefs. ‘By the Emperor’s grace we shall rid you of these blasphemous aliens and return peace to Pavonis.’
‘Ah, would that it were that simple, my dear Captain Ventris,’ sighed Taloun, ‘but I fear that Governor Shonai has led us down too ruinous a path for the simple elimination of some bothersome raiders to save our beloved world’s economy. Her tithe tax hurts us all, and none more so than myself. Why, only two days ago I was forced to dismiss a thousand people from my employ in order to lower costs and improve margins, but does the governor think of people like me? Of course not.’
Uriel masked his contempt for the man’s selfishness and allowed his words to wash over him.
‘And what of the extra manpower she promised us to protect the manufactorum from the Church of Ancient Ways? I have lost over seven thousand man-hours of production to their bombs!’ continued Taloun, warming to his theme.
Uriel wondered how many actual men he had lost or if he even cared.
‘Perhaps, Guider Taloun,’ suggested Uriel with steel in his voice, ‘we might leave all this talk of politics for the senate chambers and just enjoy the journey?’
Taloun nodded in acquiescence, but Uriel could see annoyance briefly flare behind his eyes. Taloun was obviously a man unused to being put down by those he perceived as his political inferiors.
Uriel ignored the man and studied the landscape as it sped past them. The city walls were high and sloped inwards towards an overhanging rampart. He could see grenade dumpers worked into the machicolations and power field generators studded along its length. From his readings on Pavonis, Uriel knew that virtually everything would have been produced locally by one or other of the family cartels. The cities of Ultramar did not need such technological trinkets to defend themselves. No, they had stronger defences. Courage, honour and a people that embodied the best examples of all human nobility.
Trained from birth and educated in the ways of the Blessed Primarch, they would never break, never surrender and never submit to such unnecessary luxuries.
Uriel was startled from his bombastic reverie by a pointed cough from Perjed as they moved through the bronze gates of the city.
When seen from ground level the buildings on the inside edge of the walls were much less impressive, functionally constructed, with little or no ornamentation. The buildings of Macragge, while simple, were cunningly constructed to provide a solid, dependable structure as well as presenting something of aesthetic value. He realised that the boxy constructions of Pavonis were designed to be as cost effective as possible and lamented the fact that those who held the purse strings so often hamstrung the architect’s art. Here and there, Uriel saw men and women cleaning the building walls of a filmy, ochre residue, the inevitable fallout of living so close to heavy industry. He noticed that all the cleaners wore white overalls so as to be less visible.
The carriage sped effortlessly along the cobbled streets, passing smartly dressed inhabitants in black who doffed their feathered hats as the coach passed. The peals of the palace bell echoed through the affluent streets.
Taloun waved to the passers by and Uriel was struck by his confident, easy manner.
‘You are well known in these parts?’ asked Barzano.
‘Yes, indeed. I have many friends within the city.’
‘I take it that the majority of these friends are cartel members?’
‘Of course. The common people generally do not venture within the walls of the city. It’s the tolls, you see. Most of them cannot afford to come inside. Especially now, what with the governor’s tithe tax squeezing every last coin from them.’
‘People have to pay to enter this part of the city?’
‘Why, yes,’ replied Taloun, as though any thought of any other possibility was ridiculous.
‘And how much is this toll?’
Taloun shrugged. ‘Not sure exactly. Cartel members are exempt from its payment of course, but I contribute a small amount from the yearly profits towards my comings and goings.’
Barzano leaned forwards and waved his hand over the edge of the carriage. ‘How then are the city’s parks maintained? The buildings cleaned? Who pays for that? The Imperium?’
‘No, no, no!’ explained Taloun hurriedly. ‘I believe a portion of general taxes go towards their upkeep,’
‘So in other words,’ mused Barzano slowly, ‘the populace all contribute towards this lovely place, but cannot enjoy it unless they pay for the privilege once more?’
‘I suppose that’s one way of looking at it,’ replied Taloun haughtily. ‘But no one complains.’
‘Oh, I don’t know,’ pointed out Uriel, nodding towards the angry mob gathered before the black gates of the Imperial palace. ‘They don’t look too happy about it.’

The idea that there is a walled-up area that pretty much only the rich get to hang out in, despite the fact that EVERYONE has to support it through their taxes, I think is a good example of how you can have a livable society in the 41st Millenium. A place that for all things considered is livable (compared to many other places), yet still has a grim touch to it. One of the reasons why everyone seems so grumpy in the book.
Plus this is a good showcase of Uriel's very mild sass.
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2020.06.18 17:30 rweninger High Temp Printing Question

I am using a Flashforge Creator 3 and Guider 2s, and I love them. That also means, that I have no knowledge of open source printers.
I want to tinker and buid a E3D V6 Nozzle and Titan Extruder on an open source printer. What printer should I use? I want to be able to get to 400 °C and print PEKK. I thought about Ultimakers. What else could you reccomend? I am aware of enclosures, heating, ... .
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2020.06.07 15:06 portlane Jimmy Rupp (July 9, 1940 - April 25, 2020)

July 9, 1940 - April 25, 2020
Jimmy Lynn Rupp left the arms of his family and the bounds of this earth on April 25, 2020.
Jim had three main loves to which he dedicated all of his time and energy selflessly: his family, his students and athletes, and being outside.
While Jim was a teacher and coach by title, he was a guider, a mentor, and advisor to countless students and colleagues. If you knew Jim, you probably can recount a “Ruppism,” usually passed on over a trademark cup of coffee. Whether working with a scholar athlete moving on to collegiate success and beyond, a struggling student trying to earn that one English credit to graduate, a coach or colleague, or one of his own kids, Jim always had invaluable advice, stories, and life lessons. Almost always, the advice was followed up with a, “You see?”
Jim graduated from Centralia High School, Central Washington College of Education, and later in his career received his Master’s degree in Athletic Administration. He played football, wrestled, and ran track in both high school and college and continued coaching those same sports for decades in the Evergreen School District. In 1998, Jim retired after 35 years of teaching English and Films as Literature.
Jim is survived by his wife of 58 years, Paquita; his sons, Aaron (Janet) Rupp and Andrew (Jeff Detweiler) Rupp; and his daughter, Emily (Steve) Dehn. Jim was also loved dearly by his grandchildren, Valerie (Cameron) Hauer, Isaac Rupp, Austin (Alan Silver) Dehn, and Bayley Dehn, as well as two great-grandsons, Felix and Milo Hauer, all of whom will cherish the memories, the stories, and the ear wiggles of their Grampa/Poppy. Jim is survived by four younger siblings, Carole, Kathi, Christi and Craig, and numerous nieces and nephews.
Jim was preceded in death by his father and mother, as well as a brother and a sister.
Jim’s commitment to guiding students and athletes was never more apparent than the many hours he could be found preparing facilities and organizing games, meets, and tournaments for all who wanted to participate. In his memory, we ask that you consider donating to the “Jim Rupp Memorial Fund” to continue providing opportunities for any ESD high school students who desire to be student athletes. Contributions are being collected by the Evergreen School District Foundation.
By Mailed Check Written to “ESDF”
on Memo Line: Jim Rupp Memorial Fund
Evergreen School District Foundation
13215 C-8 SE Mill Plain Blvd
PMB 252
Vancouver, WA 98684
By Online Donation:
Donate under “How You Can Help” tab
Reference: ”Jim Rupp Memorial Fund”
A celebration of Jim’s life will be held at a later date, as well as a chance to recognize Jim’s contributions and spirit at a future Mountain View and Evergreen game.
Please sign his guest book @
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2020.06.07 14:47 Drakkoxx Hello everyone !

Two weeks ago I created my first character in Dofus and I absolutely love this game ! I’m playing a lvl 90 Huppermage in Ilyzaelle but two days ago a problem occurred: I don’t know what to do. Since now I followed the quests and did dungeons success. I am at the point where I have to catch souls from dungeons bosses but it’s impossible to do it at my level :( I also have 100% at Astrub, Bwork Camp, Amakna castle, Wabbit Island and Madrestam harbour quests + almost all successes of the 1-50 dungeons. Now I’m kinda stuck with quests too difficult for my level and I have no clue how to overcome this lvl barrier. Do you have some advices ? (Sorry for the bad English, I’m not native)
Il y a deux semaines, j’ai créé mon premier personnage dans Dofus et j’adore vraiment ce jeu. Je joue un Huppermage lvl 90 sur Ilyzaelle mais il y a deux jours un problème s’est posé à moi: Je ne sais pas quoi faire. Depuis le début, je me laisse guider au fil des quêtes et je fais les différents succès des donjons que je croise. Au niveau de la quête principale, je suis au moment où je dois attraper les âmes des gardiens de donjons mais certains sont infaisables à mon niveau :( J’ai aussi 100% des quêtes accomplies à Astrub, au campement des Bworks, au château d’Amakna, à l’île des Wabbit et au port de Madrestam + presque tous les succès des donjons 1-50. Sauf qu’à présent, je suis un peu coincé avec des quêtes trop difficile pour mon niveau et je n’ai aucune idée de comment surmonter cette barrière de lvl. Cela fait donc 2 jours que je monte mes métiers mais j’aimerais bien faire autre chose.. Avez vous des conseils ?
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2020.05.27 15:02 Jekerdud Something that doesn't get discussed much, how do you store & transport your gear?

I recently got an HEQ5, William Optics ZS61, and ASIAIR Pro w/ auto guider. For now, I have the boxes for the ASIAIR and the case the ZS61 came in, but I'd love a good solution to keep the ASIAIR, auto guider, vixen bar, and telescope put together but stored safely. I have to drive 40 minutes to my local observatory, I live in the heart of a Bortle 9 zone.
What do you guys do to transport for minimal teardown/set up?
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2020.05.26 21:25 MrMooshroom42 4 factions, the new gamemode

Hey, I was thinking about going more in-depth on a 4-factions idea. Nobody really talked about ti on discord, so maybe i'll get some feedback here. Basically, 4 teams(25 players per), with the colors corresponding to ammos(red, blue, green, and yellow). Red gets their leader and grenadier, blue gets their leader and Lieutenant, Green gets their leader(gun is undecided) and Marksman, and yellow get their leader(I think Dual P30Ls) and because it seems yellow doesn't have enough power in this situation, they get the Rocketeer(M79) with the perk "Locked on" which is a missile-guider of some type(I'm not good at making perks, pls help). Anyway, I would love some feedback and suggestions for the missing areas.
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2020.05.21 03:49 Wonderingod The creation and the gods of Dis

In the beginning there was chaos, ever changing, eternal. But in the midst of this chaos one appeared, Death, and with Death came Order, a beginning and end to all of the infinite things birthed in the chaos. Soon Death carved out is own place in chaos, naming it Vis. In this plane it created the sun to bring light and as the light spread over the land that he created he saw that only one side was getting light at any one time so he made the moons so that the light would always touch Vis. Wandering through Vis was Soul and she was lovely and lonely but as they met they fell in love and soon mankind was born and spread over Vis. But these first men did not die for their parents loved them too much and didn't want to let them go, but mankind did grow old and feeble, so Death and Soul decided that they had to let their children die but as they told mankind that they would die, those that were truly old gave praise to their parents while the young now met with an end cried out in fear. Hearing the pain her children's voices Soul came up with a plan and told Death and he agreed and told their children, they would create another world for the souls of their children so only their flesh would die, but in doing so they world both have to give up all of themselves to do it. Soul would spread her self over all of Vis giving a soul to everything on the world from the smallest blade of grass or insect to the of greatest blazes or cloud, even the very idea of knowledge. Death created the world for these souls known as Duat and one to guide the souls of mankind to Duat, Dis Morganwaid.
In Duat souls either live on as ethereal spirits with very little interaction with Vis or walk into the Well of Souls to give up the self and be reborn on to Vis, but as time went on some souls grew powerful, able to change the lands of Duat and exercise their will on Vis, it started with the souls of Vis it self (the trees, rocks, ect...), who became known as the Elementals or sometimes the Colossi, these powerful souls used their power much like Death and Soul before them and created their own worlds more suted to their liking, but in their stead they left fractions of their souls in Duat to keep it together and working, these became the first gods of mankind and have lasted through all the ages and now guide the those that call out for them. These pieces of gods walked Vis in the form of spirits from time to time or choose to be reborn on Vis, becoming heroes, taking a new name, they live a new life and at their death they once again become gods in Duat.
The soul of the Light begot the soul of the Sun, now known as Atalota, the goddess of the Sun, the eternal watcher, She who's light brings life and burns, the True Judge. The soul of the Stone begot the soul of the Earth, now known as Yamacatal, the sleeping god, the god of the earth and stone. The soul of the Darkness begot the soul of Dream, now known as Delono, the Ever-Dreaming Artist, goddess of art and dreams. The soul of the Winds begot the soul of the Storm, now known as Triglans, asn Cloud Lord, god of the winds, who's winds give strength. The soul of the Waves Begot the soul of the Sea, now known as Nanjord, the Drowned goddess, god of the water and guider of ships. The soul of the Flames begot the soul of Purity, now known as Ana'valgi, the Crimson Dancer, god of flame, and who's flame heals. The soul of Knowledge begot the soul of the Word, now known as Enkiuwa, the teacher, he who teaches many things and knows many more. The soul of Beasts begot the soul of Passion, now known as Earopan, the goddess of beauty, passon, and music, whose touch can draw forth the beauty of any thing. The soul of Plants begot the soul of Cycles, now known as Gerovit, the timekeeper, keeper of time and fate, god of the moons. As time moved on other souls grew in power and three joined at the table of the ten that came before, The soul of Conflict now known as Barvar, The Bloodied, god of war and contest. The soul of Change now known as Pukansee, chaos given shape, teller of stories, the trickster. And the soul of civilization Cu’Fati, God the hearth and home, whose hands hold eyes, and he who speaks to ravens.
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2020.05.18 19:21 mba199 FAQ + Relevant Links

The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time (original: 四度目は嫌な死属性魔術師, read: Yondome wa Iyana Shi Zokusei Majutsushi, Novel Updates link ), also popularly known as "Death Mage" (and "Death-Attribute Magician" in Japan), is a Web Novel written by Densuke (デンスケ), originally written on the website Syosetu since 2015-06-30 ( ).
It has also received a Light Novel adaptation, with character design and illustrations by Ban ( @bansanv3 ), published in Japan by Hifumi Shobo under the label Saga Forest ( @saga_forest / Official Website ).
Plus a Manga adaptation by Kojima Takehiro (児嶋建洋 @bravekid0218 ), published by Kadokawa. The latest chapters are temporarely openly published on Niconico and Comic Walker ( Niconico / Comic Walker )
The Web Novel is currently fan-translated in English by Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion ( ).
The manga is fan-translated in English by MangaSushi ( ).

RAW Fan-Translated
Web Novel 488 - Arc 15 290 - Arc 10
Light Novel 6 Volumes -
Manga 20 20
Manga (Tankoubon) 4 Volumes (18 chapters)
\* Numbers are based on amount released up to 2020-09-22. Updates incoming at irregular intervals.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Answered Questions
Q: "Something something" Volumes are not the same as "something something" volumes
A: Although Light Novel Bastion calls each of the Web Novel Arcs as "Volume", they do not correspond to the printed version on a physical book. Hence, Light Novel Volumes are not the same as Web Novel Arcs. As reference, the 1st Arc of the Web Novel is published on Volumes 1 and 2 of the Light Novel, the 2nd Arc of the Web Novel is published on Volumes 3 and 4 of the Light Novel, and the 3rd Arc, which is shorter than the previous 2, is fully adapted to Volume 5 of the Light Novel.
At the same time, the first 17 chapters of the Manga have the entirety of the 1st Volume of the Light Novel, meaning it's half of the 1st Arc of the Web Novel.
Q: Where can I read the Light Novel in English?
A: The Light Novel is not being translated.
Q: Are there changes between the LN and WN?
A: Yes, but they are not significant. Due to the detailed slow pace nature of the Web Novel, some parts of the story are changed to be shorter, while we also have some filler content for the sake of a climax to a physical volume where not such big events happen in the Web Novel. This is why, Web Novel Arcs are not numbered the same as Light Novel Volumes.
Here are some examples of the extra content and differences: Zadiris gets an introduction chapter before she is saved, and she is treated more like a mascot by the ghouls, as can be seen in the manga; The Kobold King fight; Some unknown turtle like enemy; Zandia's left hand is turned into an undead of sorts called Lefdia.
Q: What IS the difference between Light Novel and Web Novel? What is so different between both?
This is a very generic question, and to make a proper answer, it's literally a small wall of text. To avoid cluttering this FAQ with questions related to this subreddit, thus the answer can be found after the long list of events here.
Q: How do I get the colored thing next to my username like you do?
A: This function is called "Flair", you can find it on the sidebar, under Community Options, select the one related to you, and you can modify the content. With this you may know if the person asking or answering a question is someone who has already advanced to the untranslated content, if he is keeping himself only to translated content, or if he is just reading the manga.
Q: When I post, I can set up a Flair, which should I chose?
Think of the flairs as "What sort of content do I want people to answer". The Death Mage community is unique in that we have a more solid community focused on untranslated content, hence, if you want answers related to Spoilers, set it up for Untranslated Content, otherwise, set it up to Translated Content, and hopefully, people will not give in spoilers on your post.
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I would recommend you to check the #spoilers channel from LNB's Discord Server to be introduced to the RAW content in an easier form. The invite link can be found below.
As a Warning, direct links to the "specific material" will be treated as "reveal of personal information" and deleted, this being a request by the authors to avoid a number of problems, which is why, if you want to point someone towards it, point it to the LNB's Discord Server as done above.
Q: I read the manga, where can I follow up on the Web Novel?
A: Everyone will recommend you to read from the start, since there are many points skipped in the manga to fit the main content in, but it's good to remember that the manga adapts the Light Novel, as such, there are a few small changes that are absent or changed from the Web Novel, otherwise, the content of all mediums are the mostly the same.
As of chapter 19 of the manga, it should be around Chapter 18 of the Web Novel.
Q: I read some reviews about the novel, but I'm not sure if it's something that will interest me or not. I'm not a big of X and Y, but Z looked fun
A: Try this:
They are a set of common trope complaints taken from reviews and other sources, you can use it to have a better idea if the novel does have things that you are interested or not before actually reading.
Q: I want to support the author.
A: You can buy the original light novel and/or manga volumes to support them. Since there is no official English version, there is no other choice. You can buy them in ebook format, which can be cheaper, and won't require shipping expenses. Supporting fan-works does not mean supporting the author.
Here is a link to Rakuten Books Store for both LN and Manga versions:
But they are also available in many other sites, like Amazon, Book Walker and others, as long as you are searching on the Japanese Store, that is.
Q: I want to resume my reading, but I can't remember where I stopped
Try to describe what you remember last. Do remember there is no official EPUB or PDF file for reading. You also can usually check the translator's main website and get an idea by the titles.
If you really can't remember much, here is a Timeline with main points up until now: Spoiler tags are Untranslated
Q: What IS the difference between Light Novel and Web Novel? What is so different between both? THE ANSWER
To understand what is the difference between Web Novel and Light Novel, it's easier to understand why and how they were created in the first place.
Originally, Light Novels were physical books of small size that can be read anywhere (which is why they are called "Light"), they were written by authors that got selected by a publisher and then were able to sell their stories. Examples of these Light Novels are the "Slayers" series, "To Aru Majutsu no Index", "Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu". Some of these authors have a number of other titles under their name.
But unless you have a publisher backing you up in selling your book, you, as a normal person, have no way to commercially publish a book beyond "fanwork" (In Japan, this is called Doujin*, and to make it clear: Doujin means "fanwork", not "porn". Hentai Doujin is "porn fanwork", just like doujin manga, doujin music, doujin games and so on are "fanworks"*). Those still require money and dedication for you to print/record by yourself or your group, and thus are limited in various ways. Some people, aspiring to write a story, started writing on websites offering the service, this also offers some basic copyright protection under some legal conditions.
These are WebNovels, and they became very popular on the japanese internet with many casual readers. Some of these got fan readers, some of these even did fan illustrations for these webnovels (The "Bunny-suit Basdia" illustration is a fandrawing made by Ban in the early days of the WebNovel).
Noticing some people are willing to spend money in these works, some publishers decided to take on some of these fanworks and sell it commercially, thus hiring the author, getting a more professional finishing job with editor and dedicated illustrator, offering royalties to the author, and if it grows from that, from other products, like mangas, anime, and merchandise. Usually, these webnovels are thus transcribed into Light Novels (There may be exceptions).
So, what are the differences between a WN and LN of a novel? That depends on the author really:
These are some advantages we as readers may get:
- Some authors end up doing mostly the same story, but fixing some details like pacing, grammar, fixing plot holes and some small extras details here and there. As examples, right now, Death Mage is one such example, besides cutting some corners, it also adds some extra details, or filler scenarios to make a climax on a volume where necessary (Do remember that Light Novels are supposed to be "light", but Death Mage chapters are quire massive, thus, they have to break down arcs into multiple volumes, however, these volumes still need a climax of sorts to sell better). Arifureta is also a novel that is mostly the same, but while the story is still the same, it exposes a lot of content that, although also exists on the Web Novel, were never worked with. It's important to mention that some of these ideas may have come from readers during the Web Novel, for example, noticing a plot hole, and suggesting fixes, or observations on characters that the author could consider.
- Other authors end up writing a completely different story although still following the same rules. As an example, Overlord changed many scenarios while keeping most of the rules with just small reforms, leading to a completely different plot nonetheless.
- Some also mix both, offering mostly a similar plot to the original, but branching later on its own narrative, but without discarding the WN plot, think of it as giving the WN readers another flavor of the same story. As examples, Shield Hero and Death March, which are already finished in their Web Novel format, are offering a story filled with "What ifs" of the original story.
These are some disadvantages we as readers may get:
- Some authors completely drop the WN in favor of the LN, thus, if you want to know the rest, you will have to wait... A lot. Examples of these are, for the better, Overlord, where the WN reached a ridiculous point and basically self-destructed, another example is "To be a power in the Shadows", where no new web chapters are released. Some authors may even completely delete the novel from the platform too.
- Some world building stories may lose a lot of content for the sake of a more direct pacing and less confusion, as an example, the Death March novel offers a lot of different perspectives and extra info that were straight stripped off the Light Novel.
- These novels are not guaranteed to continue, with the publisher guaranteeing a small number of volumes to be published, and if they sell well, they will renew with new volumes, thus, there are many novels that are axed without ever finishing, and if coupled with the author dropping off the WN, this means this story will never be finished. In these cases, the publisher may consider adapting the story to manga, thus, leading to a possible rise in interest, that may boost sells. Death Mage seems to be one such case of low unsatisfying sales that were boosted after the manga started. (It's important to remember that the number of manga readers are vastly superior to light novel readers)
Some people say that Web Novels are like the draft for the Light Novel, but considering that there is no guarantee a novel will be ever published, that would be false, however, as a commercial product, just ripping the web novel version is unprofitable although easy, thus, there will always be changes.
In the end, it's all under the author's criteria about what he is going to do.
Extra links for reference.
English Discussions:
Latest Chapter Discussion - Novel Updates Forum Thread:
Spoiler (RAW Chapter Discussion) - Novel Updates Forum Thread:
Light Novel Bastion's Discord Server -
Communication Channels(Japanese only)
Densuke DM Impression list (Questions and answers, many times giving more deepness to the universe of DM)

For other media
Wiki: You may want to be careful here though, there are spoilers (It's rare but exists) and there is also wrong info. The wiki doesn't seem to be properly moderated, so don't trust it too much.
TV Tropes:
Although properly marked, there are spoilers of RAW chapters, I have found spoilers up to the latest Arcs, so although there are not many in proportion, there are still a good number of them. Avoid randomly reading the hidden stuff if you don't want to be spoiled.

Corrections and suggestions for more questions and relevant links are welcomed.
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2020.05.18 02:55 EsioTrot17 Advice: Success for the long term

Advice From 2 Years PMO Free
I have been meaning to write this for some time. No better time than the present. Feel free to take what you think is beneficial and leave what you think isn’t. Everybody is different but this is my experience and take on the matter. I would appreciate the mods stickying this.
Before I get onto the actual advice I want to give my stance on a few issues.
Marriage is not the solution.
It isn’t. This journey is more than just about having a sexual outlet. It is about your spiritual development. Your relationship with your lord ﷻ, if you aren’t right with him then how can you think to be right with his creation?
Your spouse is a human being. This act that we’re unable to control has the potential to destroy your marriage. Think about it. How would you react if your spouse did this act behind your back? How would you react if your spouse wasn’t attentive to your needs, wasn’t attracted to you etc.
Sexual dysfunction is an unspoken reality of this act.
Social Media is vile.
Delete that shite. Really. No Instagram, No Facebook, No Kik non of that shite is good for you. It offers you nothing but a few chemicals but asks from you your soul. Not worth the trade off my friends. I know that this is a big ask but this is also a big journey. If you’re not prepared for the road you’re bound to not get very far. Limit and be conscientious of your use at the very least. You cannot let these avenues of filth deter you from this noble path. Your eyes are valuable, and they shouldn’t be seeing things that degrade them.
Forget support groups.
This is an inward journey that you’re going to have to walk yourself. Really you don’t want to be thinking about PMO at all. The less you have it around your life the better. You have us here in this subreddit and there are books if you want to get deep. Nobody can walk your path for you.
1. Forget the Badge
Forget.The.Badge. Really. When I quit which was after numerous attempts (maybe I’ll post my story in another post), I knew that the Badge was going to hold me back. The fact of the matter is that you need to look forward. Checking your days is not beneficial for you in the long run, you may get to 60 days and feel proud of your achievement which will subsequently cause you to lower your guard and then BAM before you know it you’re back to square 1 (You’re not really) but you feel that way regardless since your sense of achievement was predicated upon the ‘days’. The fact of the matter is that you want your counter to be infinity. There’s no point thinking about infinity itself because that’ll make you feel small and tiny, but you’re not you have the capability within you to do it. God hasn’t given us a test which is insurmountable. You just have to take it day by day and eventually you’ll get to the point where PMO is rarely in your mind anymore. (It’s always there lurking though)
2. Make the INTENTION
You have to do something special. Something sacred. It is making your intention. It’s hard to quit for egotistical reasons (Since the ego loves pleasure and hates pain). You have to do it for the sake of Allah ﷻ. It is he who has brought you this challenge and it is he who will get you out of it. You have to quit for his sake alone. Make that your sole motivator because you can always rely on him.
3. It’s NOW or NOW.
This is not a journey you can delay. The very fact of wanting to delay is living inauthentically. Living via your nafs rather than your higher self. Allah ﷻ has decreed life for a specific amount of time. You could be gone tomorrow. Imam Ali RA says “Live for this world as if you were to live forever, live for the next as if you were to die tomorrow”
You have to voluntarily face this disease with fortitude. I know you have it in you otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this. So at least BE on this journey rather than not traversing this path at all. God loves effort. It may be that he loves someone who is struggling with this disease in earnest more than the one who has battled it and for whom it has become a source of pride. Remember you will only take action when the pain of staying the same isn’t worth the pleasure it gives you.
4. Prayers
This is your connection with Allah and your defence against the nafs. It is what you use to counteract the daily monkey mind chitter chatter and it is the sustenance for your soul. Please ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations out of love for your creator. Get to know him ﷻ. He is beautiful and majestic in his attributes.
Prayer will be the litmus test. If you try and pray consistently and regularly you will find that it is your solace and it will be part of your Defence Arsenal against Satan and his crew.
5. Dua
Primordialform: Shyness in dua in front of Allah does us no good. Constantly ask Allah for help.
Dua is the weapon of the believer. A sincere heartfelt Dua can change Qadr! Never feel that you are too bad or too far gone to return back to Allah ﷻ for he loves the oft-repenters. He loves those who turn back to him continuously. Ask him for guidance and ask him for help for he is The Guider and The Helper in the most absolute sense. If you are not going to turn to him then who else are you going to turn to?
6. Fasting
I’m sure you have all read the Hadith where the Prophet ﷺ addresses the youth and says
"O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse etc.), and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power."
Fast Mondays and Thursdays outside of Ramadan not only is it good for your desires it is good for the soul and is a Sunnah of the beloved ﷺ. I think of fasting as a polish of your heart. It is something private between you and Allah SWT. It is hard and your nafs will be subdued because of it.
7. Death
As the Prophet ﷺ stated “Remember often destroyer of pleasures” by which he meant death. This is not an insignificant thing. You WILL die. You’re going to be accountable for yourself. Keep this in mind as you traverse not only this journey, but life itself. This life is super transitory. It is a means for the next. Don’t make an unfruitful exchange.
8. Habits
Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and, once gone, can never be retrieved. - Imam Ghazali (R.A)
Use your time wisely. Do some darn exercise. It will be a good outlet for the body. Running is something that I would suggest. It’s easy, free and most importantly of all you vs yourself. Pick up some skills. Learn a language. Read a book. Improve yourself.
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit ” - Aristotle
They say it takes 66 days to instill a habit. That’s a lie when it comes to something as primal as PMO. On the plus side it is still true. You are essentially forming a habit here. A habit of inaction rather than action.
9. Dealing with Urges
Primordialform: When urges come, you need to learn to let them pass through you, instead of responding with tension and constriction. Some call this urge surfing.
Yes, I think this is something I don’t think about as much but it is important to know that urges aren’t as controlling as they are in the first few months. Once your body knows who's in charge it won’t bother you as much. You learn to overcome the temptations. It’s like what Aristotle said it becomes somewhat habit like.
10. Acceptance
Despite everything you may Fail. When you do you have to accept that you have faltered. This is where you have to be careful. Don’t fall into despair yet don’t lose your resolution. I quit and faltered many times sometimes on streaks for as long as 2 months before Allah ﷻ granted me the strength and steadfastness to travel this (neverending) path. Know that the faltering is PART of the journey. It’s like that photo of success how success looks and how it feels. Even though it feels like a loss, it is only one if you make it. Always keep the end in mind.
11. Renewal
If you falter on a streak one of three things will typically happen:
a.) Depression/Despair
b.) “Empty the Tank” (Brain/Ego Trick)
c.) Renewal
I’ve termed c renewal as perspective is everything. You have to view your falterings in light of the journey ahead . They are bumps in the road. Look at the wider picture if you will and keep your end destination in mind. You have to CHOOSE C. Your brain will not pick it for you. This is a willful effort. You have to thwart the nafs and override it with your higher self. See the point NOW or Now
12. Muraqaba / Vigilance
Anyone can falter at any time. This is somewhat scary, but also a reality that you need to acknowledge. Once upon a long streak you need to be on constant vigilance against the nafs. Constant. The minute you lax your care or let your guard down just a little you will falter. It’s as simple as that. I have to be careful. Luckily the desire to watch filth for the most part goes after some time but it’s always there lurking in the background. The fact is that we men are wired to appreciate beauty.. And this can very easily be our downfall. This quality of Muhasaba(self-criticism) is something that all spiritual aspirants will have to inculcate. Which brings me nicely onto the next point courtesy of Primordialform.
13. Journalling
Primordialform: You need to critically examine yourself to uncover your flaws. Think about the type of person that you want to become and then discover what actions, even if small, that you can take on a day-to-day basis to achieve your dreams. These goals can be spiritual, or even material. A long term vision provides a nice grounding, you don't want to be floating around, heading towards nowhere.
This is a crucial part of coming to know yourself. As the Prophet ﷺ says “whoever knows their self, knows their lord”. I suggest doing ‘Morning Pages’ which was a practice made famous by an Artist called Julia Cameron. It enhances your creativity and cultivates personal growth and change. I can attest to its effectiveness. I did it for 2 weeks prior to Ramadhan and it was beneficial for my thought process and reflections not to mention my writing. You can use it to learn about your weaknesses
14. Meditation
This isn't something that I practiced myself whilst quitting, but I think it will be of immense benefit if you instilled this habit. Literally sit for 20 minutes a day and don't try to think about anything, because to the brain anything is still something rather just observe your thoughts and feelings. Hold no resistance to them but just be observant of them. Be aware that you are aware of the thoughts and feelings. There is a video by Leo Gura that has motivated me to incorporate this into my life. He says being aware of the distinction between thought and awareness is the single most important self-development tool. It can only come about by instilling the habit.. it's nothing you can force yourself to do because thinking isn't a tool that is useful for this but on the contrary being still and aware of the thoughts and letting them pass as they may.
My beautiful brothers and sisters in Islam. You can do this. You have what it takes. This is a noble journey. The road less travelled. The way of spiritual ascension. You have within you the potential to rise above this filth. The very fact that you’re here reading all what I’ve written means that you WANT to do this journey. This journey is a microcosm of life itself. If you cultivate the necessary tools to be successful here then it will give you the inner strength and courage to face life’s challenges voluntarily and fearlessly.
If you’ve read this far, I hope that some of my points have been of benefit. Thanks to u/Primordialform for his additions.
Ya Allah I cannot be grateful enough for your grace upon me. Ya Arrahman bless my efforts and more importantly bless the efforts of your slaves who are succumbing to this disease and are trying with all their might to quit. There is no change or power except through you.
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2020.05.15 19:59 marathonger Effects of getting too close to an EQ mount's load capacity?

So I recently picked up a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro pack using some giftcards I had laying around. I am new to the hobby and am looking into a good first scope to get. I am a sucker for build quality, so I am naturally drawn towards the William Optics scopes. I see many people using SpaceCat 51's on their Star Adventurer's or SkyGuider Pro's however I would prefer a slightly tighter FOV. I am currently leaning towards the Zenithstar 61 and once I checked the weight of a full rig it was well under the load capacity of the Star Adventurer. So naturally I checked to see what the weight of the same set up with a Zenithstar 73 would be, this time it was a lot closer to the max load. I have heard of people putting close to the max load on their mounts but I want to know what the effects are of getting too close are.
Here's a breakdown of my 2 theoretical set-up options:
1.) Z61 Scope, Z61A Flattener, Fuji T-mount adapter, ZWO Scope and Guide cam, Fujifilm XT-2 (maybe with battery grip). Weight: 5.9 lbs/7.4 lbs (no grip/with grip)
2.) Z73 Scope, Z73a Flattener, Fuji T-mount, ZWO Scope and Guide Cam, Fujifilm XT-2 (likely without grip). Weight: 9.0 lbs/10.5 lbs (no grip/with grip)
The Star Adventurer has an 11 lb load capacity but when using the counterweight kit that max load lowers to about 8.82 lbs (4kg). From this I can clearly see that the Z61 with and without the Fuji battery grip should, theoretically, have little to no issues involving weight. Once I look at the Z73 setup I can see that without the battery grip on the Fuji I would be ~0.1 lbs over the load capacity and with the grip I would be ~1.6 lbs over the load capacity. What effect would this have on the system as far as astrophotography is concerned?
All in all I am expecting to go with the Z61 since I can always invest in a 1" dedicated astro cam to give a little extra reach but would still love to hear y'alls thoughts.
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2020.05.04 17:37 AtticusWriter [Grimoire's Soul] - Chapter 4

Start the story here!
The bag was finally removed from Ceyda’s head. She blinked groggily, trying to ascertain her whereabouts. The removal of the bag had not helped her vision at all--there were no lights, and the room she was in was just as dark as her bag. Additionally she still didn’t have any glasses, so even if there were any details, she certainly wouldn’t be the one to notice them.
“Hello?” Ceyda called. No response. Steps echoed across the room as whoever removed the bag left the room, not even letting a sliver of light in as they did. Somehow, no one had bothered taking the spell book away from her. She assumed that would have been a given, but there it remained, in her ever tightening hands.
She let go of the book, and felt instant relief. Her fingers were sore. In the dark, she couldn’t tell how much she had bled from her damn bracelet, but it seemed to have clotted.
The room smelled of moss and burnt leather. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was a far cry from the wafts of perfume, cleaning supplies and dust that she spent the majority of her life smelling. The burnt leather smell was practically pleasant, like an intense sort of gaseous fume.
It was quiet, too. Perhaps it was the time of the night, but Ceyda didn’t like it. There was something desperately isolating about quiet places. She’d have to wait until morning to hear anything interesting.
Which meant, excitingly, there was nothing left to do but examine the ancient artifact of great magical power. She opened the spell book, and to her surprise, the pages were a brilliant cream color. She blinked in confusion at the vibrantly mundane colors.
Ceyda looked at the walls. Yup. Just as dark as before. Was the book glowing? Like it had before? She pressed the book against the wall, in hopes of illuminating her location, but to no avail.
Apparently she could solely see the book, and nothing else. Her stomach grumbled. Right! She had not eaten since breakfast! This was very rude.
No matter. She would just have to learn all of magic, summon food, eat it, defeat all her captors, and leave. She turned the pages, looking for some sort of information. She didn’t really know how magic worked, but a spell book was a spell book, and very logically, it had to have spells to read, right?
Blank page after blank page--she began to thumb through the book quickly, but to no avail. There was nothing. Not a single word, save for her name emblazoned on the front.
It only now occurred to Ceyda that the average training time of a mage was. Five years.
She drummed her fingers against the blank pages. What if--what if the book hadn’t realized she was a girl? It was made of fog, it might have gotten confused. What if she had this spell book that she would never be able to access?
Or, and this was also a possibility, what if she had hallucinated all of that, and it had been very fake, and she was in fact, the stupidest person in all of Kesterline?
Or maybe it had been an ifrit who lived in the book, and pulled some sort of trick on her! Maybe it had read her mind, found out her name, and then gave it to her for a laugh. That certainly sounded like something an ifrit could do.
“Well, you are thoroughly useless,” Ceyda muttered.
The stark color of the pages dimmed. Had she insulted the book?
I could say the same of you. The words formed in gold ink. Normally, Ceyda had trouble reading without her glasses, but strangely, she could read these words just fine.
Even when she shut her eyes, the words were there, in her mind’s eye.
Sacred skies and above! The book talked! She had a magical talking book! And now her bracelet was once again shocking her poor numbed arm and it was very painful and it needed to stop please!
“Well, you’re a magical book, I’m a human being. I assure you, I’m very good at being a human,” Ceyda lied. She was in fact very bad at being a human, but no need for the book to know that.
I’m a magical book--do you mean I am a grimoire?
Ceyda stared at the words. “...yes were you not there when we had that conversation? You asked me to bind our souls? It was like an hour ago. A bunch of people were watching.” Not really. I don’t remember much of anything, actually.
“Are you an ifrit?”
A what?
“Magical creatures that hide under your bed and eat your skin if you misbehave,” Ceyda said. “Or drink your blood. Or steal your silver. Or--”
I get the concept. I--I don’t think those exist, to be perfectly frank, but honestly I’m a talking book so it’s about as plausible as anything else.
“You don’t seem very confident about that,” Ceyda replied.
My very first memories are of you calling me useless. Forgive me if I’m a bit slow on the uptake.
Wait. Sorry. Let me rewrite that with emphasis.
Forgive me!!! If I’m a bit slow!!! On the uptake!!
Yes. That looks better. I think that adequately conveys my tone.
Ceyda grinned. “Well, we know you can hear words, despite being a book. That’s something, right?”
I suppose. I believe it’s the emerald at the front that allows me to do it. It’s like I can see everything through that. So as it stands, I’m currently staring at a very grimy floor with mold on it
“You can see the floor?” Ceyda said, lifting up the book to stare at the inky black void of which she stood on.
Yes. Although now I mostly see your hair. Holy gods. You have a lot of hair.
“Wow, thanks--please focus, book. We need to escape. We’ve been kidnapped by weird boys,” Ceyda said.
We have?!?!!
“Yeah, they wanted to steal you, and when I got you first, they stole me instead,” Ceyda explained. seem remarkably calm about this.
“I guess,” Ceyda shrugged. “My mother says I’m extremely over dramatic.”
I fear to meet your mother then.
Ceyda wandered aimlessly in the dark, holding out the book like a buffer between her and the walls.
We appear to be in a basement of some kind, the book informed her. No windows, just a bench and some leaky water in the corner. There’s a winding staircase in the corner.
Ceyda frowned. “What magic do you know, book?”
...I don’t understand? As in spells? What spells do I know? Or what spells do you know?
“What spells do you know, book. If you could possibly teleport me out of this basement, that would be best,” Ceyda said.
Teleport?!? Most people have to go into specialized training to teleport! It can take years to learn! And you want to be able to cast it right now? On a whim? What in Karani’s name is wrong with you?
Another name Ceyda didn’t recognize. She would have to ask about that later. It was strange how they kept invoking names. It felt… mildly blasphemous? But then again, who was Ceyda to dictate how a talking book worshipped?
Come to think of it, was this book the center of her core now? Had it replaced her being a chatelaine? Was she a mage and a chatelaine or did one override the other?
Or was she not a mage at all, she was just, somehow, paradoxically, a chatelaine with a spellbook? Her father had said technically not all mages could cast magic, and some instead trained to do other things. This struck Ceyda has highly stupid, as if anyone would ever willingly have the option to learn magic and turn it down.
“Well, if teleporting is hard, how about you give me spells that I can use to beat people into total and utter submission?” Ceyda asked.
...that is a dramatic swerve into an entirely different sphere of magic. What exactly is your logic here?
Ceyda blinked angrily at her book. This seemed very simple to her and the fact that her book wasn’t understanding it was very annoying.
“You are a magic book. Use magic.”
...I cannot use magic just willy nilly, the skill must come from you. You need to be able to cast the spell.
Ceyda stared at the book in confusion. “What? That makes no sense! What good are you? You’re supposed to be able to cast spells for me! Or--make me able to cast spells! And you should be good at something, right? That’s why the thief wanted you! You’d be effective at battering individuals into submission!”
Well, yes. But--all right. Let’s assume for a moment that I am the finest crafted sword in the land. Perfectly balanced, unbreakable, and not even other swords can stop me. I am the best sword ever. Tell me, what can an unskilled individual do with such an item?
“Kill people because it’s a sword and anyone can use it if they’ve got arms!” Ceyda snapped back. This was beginning to stress her out. From the sounds of it, the book was absolutely useless and would only be helpful if she already had spells. Which she most definitely did not!
What sort of trick was this? It felt like an elaborate prank, only played by the very forces of the universe.
You’re misinterpreting my metaphor here.
“Your metaphor is stupid and wrong!”
Arrrgh--look, all right. Consider, then. Yes, you can use a sword without training. And you can also use me! Go right ahead! How old are you, anyway? I feel like the answer is sixteen?
Ceyda nodded, but there was no response. It then occurred to her that the book couldn’t see her.
Right, so that’s two years of magic training, maybe even three! Just tell me what spells you have, and we’ll start from there.
“I can’t cast magic, isn’t that obvious?” Ceyda asked.
...excuse me?
Ceyda took a deep breath. She didn’t know why this was so difficult, but to be fair to the book, it had amnesia. “That’s a core for men exclusively.”
...all right I feel like this conversation jumped in several directions that I was not ready for nor saw coming. Please rephrase.
“Only men can be mages.”
Well that’s most certainly not true. Everyone and anyone can cast magic.
Ceyda shook her head, despite the book not seeing it. “You’re incorrect. Only men can cast magic, and of those, only an elite few are chosen for such a core. That’s why you’re here, to cast spells for me.”
How would that even work? Would it be a hormone balance? What if someone travels between sexes? What if they are shapeshifted? What in Karani’s name is a core? How would any of this work? Is this a joke or something?
“How would you know? You’re not a woman or a man! You’re a book!” Ceyda shouted at the book. Her bracelet shocked her for the raised voice.
Apparently I’m also an ancient and powerful grimoire! So I think I hold a bit more knowledge on how magic works than you do!
Noise racketed from upstairs. Ceyda almost cursed, but stopped herself before the bracelet could activate. Evidently, she had been getting rather loud.
Footsteps echoed across the stairs, and Ceyda looked around in the darkness, not knowing what to do.
...only men can cast magic. Honestly I swear, the things I am forced to hear with my own ears. Not that I have ears. How am I perceiving this anyway? Oh gods, I’m going mentally cross-eyed thinking about this.
Three individuals walked down the stairs, one carrying a lit lantern.
In this darkness, she couldn’t recognize if any of them were familiar. She missed her glasses.
Ah yes, hello, this is magic speaking, gifted to you by the avatars themselves. We are here to check each and every one of you. You see, we can only work if you have a dick. Oh, not all men have dicks due to a variety of reasons? Oh then it’s the testosterone. Oh, you mean hormonal deficiencies exist and there’s nothing stopping you from taking a great big syringe of testosterone to the ass? And on top of all of that, magic is a consistent force whereas a hormone is often inconsistent and cyclical?
“Is that her?” a woman’s voice said.
“Yeah,” a familiar voice replied. Merlin.
Well, clearly it’s because women bleed out once a month, and that scares the magic, you see. Ignore the fact that not all women experience menstruation, that’s totally the reason! Magic scared! I swear, what even is this based on?
They didn’t seem to hear the book rambling. Which was probably for the best. Ceyda was only barely keeping up.
“And she was at the party?” the woman asked.
“Yeah, she’s still wearing the fancy dress and everything, although it looks like shit now,” Merlin replied.
Ah, I understand now. The avatars, being of magic and guiders of humans, came down from the heavens themself, a variety of expression and different opinions, unable to agree on what to have for dinner, let alone any one agenda, and collectively they all went, “you know what makes the most sense. Only men can cast magic! Let’s all agree and make out in private or something because we all just get along now! Isn’t it great that we live in this world without ever doing something different or contradictory just to piss each other off?
“Shut up!” Ceyda hissed at the book. Her bracelet shocked her again, albeit feebly.
“Excuse me?” the woman asked.
“Not you--” Ceyda said quickly. “The book is talking to me. Well, it’s actually writing at me, but I can see it no matter what, so, uh, yes.”
The woman got closer. She had a goldish reddish mop of hair, and due to Ceyda’s lack of glasses almost no other distinguishing features in the dim light.
The woman blob frowned. “Ugh, and you’re saying the book bonded to this? Some random chatelaine?”
“Unfortunately,” Merlin said. “Who knew that the book only wanted royalty?”
“Technically I’m lower class,” Ceyda corrected reflexively.
The third spoke, and Ceyda recognized it as Lyle’s voice. He gave out a bitter guffaw. . “Oh, you think you’re lower class? That’s just fuckin’ rich. Why don’t you stay here for a few weeks, sleeping in the piss and shit, and then we’ll have a talk about who’s lower class.”
“Well, we are!” Ceyda insisted. “I live with my mother and father, our estate is very tiny, we can only afford three servants and two of them are part time--”
“Sacred skies,” Merlin said. “You can’t be serious right now.”
“She’s dead serious, unfortunately,” the woman said. She grabbed Ceyda’s arm, and forced it out. “See this bracelet?”
“Yeah, it’s that one they make all the ponce-ass little kids wear,” the third person said.
“Right, they use it to send little shocks if you have an over abundance of toxic ruminations. Her entire brain is addled by bad thoughts and shocks to the system. She probably doesn’t have a single original thought in her head,” the woman said, her face twisting in clear disgust.
“I have many original thoughts!” Ceyda protested. “And I’m not wrong--we count as lower class!”
“Really? Then question, princess, what exactly do we count as, huh?” Merlin asked. “Because I’m deadly curious.”
“Well--” Ceyda trailed off. “You’re the servile class, are you not?”
“So, let me get this straight, the vast majority of the population is the fucking servile class? In what spectrum does that make you on the low end?” Merlin spat.
“When the upper class has several estates, an unbroken lineage of spearheads and lighthouses, and thousands of servants, we count as lower class!” Ceyda protested.
Have you all considered economics is fake.
"Don’t bother arguing with her,” the woman says. “She’s been trained to never change. You’d have a better luck convincing a dog to eat at the table.”
Ceyda frowned. She did not like this woman. She expected kidnappers to be hostile to her, but not outwardly rude and condescending.
“So is that bracelet why she hasn’t broken down at all? We literally kidnapped her and she mostly seemed slightly confused” Merlin asked.
“Yes. It turns them into hollow little dolls. Not to mention she’s clearly a chatelaine, and that’s already a core for women lacking common sense,” the woman said.
“I am not a doll,” Ceyda protested.
You know, I agree that any country that calls their lower nobility ‘lower class’ has some skewed perceptions, but there’s something they’re missing here that I don’t quite like.
Ceyda looked at her book in surprise. “What do you mean?”
So, just going to gloss right over the thing about cores because that just seems like a whole complicated knot I am not ready to dive into, but--you have a bracelet on you that, what? Shocks you? I’ve felt its magical energy go off a few times. As a sort of mental training thing?
“What do you mean, what do you mean?” Merlin asked.
“I am talking to my book,” Ceyda said. “And the answer is yes. To my book.”
Right. So, did you like, ask for that bracelet? Is it a point of pride? Is this a coming of age ritual? Does everyone who has a core wear a bracelet like that?
Ceyda’s face flushed for a moment. “My mother is embarrassed I still need it. Most stop wearing it by the time they’re thirteen.”
There was a moment of silence, and Ceyda realized that a book with no knowledge of the world might not realize the implication.
“You don’t get cores until you’re fourteen.”
Right, that makes sense, similar to Dorskina’s Day… so you’re being forced to wear a bracelet that shocks you. For thinking things or showing emotions. And this...young teenager. Well, she’s acting like it’s your fault for wearing it. Which, to be frank, is kind of bizarre.
“My book just made a very good point!” Ceyda said. “It’s not my fault that I’m wearing this bracelet. So please, stop insulting me about it!”
“We kidnapped you and you want us to be polite?” Merlin asked, dumbfounded.
“Well, at least be polite about things not related to why you kidnapped me,” Ceyda said. “If you want to be rude about my magical book, go ahead, it probably deserves it.”
Merlin exchanged glances with Lyle. “’re kind of weird.”
“So I have been told!” Ceyda replied.
“Hey, Opal, can we go upstairs for a few minutes?” Merlin muttered quietly to the woman. Ah, this was Opal. Their boss.
Opal stared at Merlin, before going up the stairs. She was followed by Merlin and Lyle.
They do not seem well organized at all.
“What do you mean?” Ceyda asked.
Well usually the leaders of a kidnapping ring aren’t ah, gawky young teenagers. How old was that girl? Fifteen?
“I do not know, it is very dark and I am bad at ages,” Ceyda answered truthfully.
I’m pretty sure they’re going upstairs to have an argument. Whatever they plan on doing, I don’t think they actually have the experience to do it.
“Well, that one boy from before said he wanted to kill all rich people. Which, I guess includes me?” Ceyda shrugged.
He said that casually?
“No… I think he was forced to? The other thief had something… weird about them. Like they could force you to make you say whatever thing was floating in your head. For me, it felt like strange instinctual desires.”
Well, a desire to rebel against the rich isn’t exactly surprising. Especially if you really do have such a large servant class. That’s kind of disgustingly obscene.
Ceyda stared at her book. “Is it?”
I think it is. Of course, I’m a book, so what do I know.
“Apparently a lot. You seem to have a lot of practical knowledge,” Ceyda said.
I suppose. Not sure why, if I truly didn’t remember anything, I would be unable to recall the avatars, and not be able to properly analyze statements. But it seems like nothing has stopped that. So perhaps I can remember things, but it’s behind a wall of some sort?
“Or maybe you are being given information from the book.”
Maybe. Either way, I wouldn’t trust these kids. They have a lot of passion, but lack a direction. Or maybe just these three do. They could just be lackeys.
“I think that one--the one named Opal, is their leader.”
...that’s worrying. She spoke more in propaganda lines than anything that sounded like nuance to me. But I could be overthinking this situation.
“I’m surprised you’re so sympathetic to them, rebellions are usually a very bad thing,” Ceyda replied.
Ehhhh. It’s complicated. Usually people aren’t rebelling unless there’s something they are deeply unhappy about. Three reasons people risk death--those who have the privilege or misfortune to believe they won’t die, the cultural molding to assume it is significantly important, and the belief that you have nothing to lose, because life literally cannot get any worse.
And to be honest, they seem like the latter.
“I don’t see why they would think that,” Ceyda said. “Bricketfriar is lovely. And most servants don’t even have parents!”
Wh--what exactly do you mean by that.
“Most servants I talk to either have dead parents or missing parents,” Ceyda says.
Why would that. Be a good thing.
Ceyda stared at the grimoire in confusion.
“Why would that be a bad thing?”
Because people are usually sad when their parents die.
“Are you sure about that?”
“That cannot be true,” Ceyda replied. “Otherwise why would it be so important for towers to exist?”
What do you mean by towers?
“It’s a core. Well I guess for the servile class it would be pillars,” Ceyda explained.
There is. A lot of information going on here and frankly I’m worried that I do not have time to understand it all before those children come back.
“Then can you at least help me escape?” Ceyda asked. “With any spell, at all? I’m not picky. Or just a spell so I can spy on them!”
Ceyda I can’t just--actually. The spying thing might work. There’s a simple enough spell to cast to expand your senses, anyone can do it.
“Then yes! Cast that spell for me!” Ceyda said.
Uh, sure, all right, let’s get as close to them as we can, can you get to the door?
Ceyda mumbled a yes as she tried to inch her way across the basement. She felt the staircase with her hands, and slowly climbed up on all fours. She stopped when she felt the cold metal of the door.
Distantly, she could hear the hushed voices of her captors.
“I’m ready book.”
All right, let’s cast your first spell.
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2020.05.02 01:35 Ryanjhallahan Questions about someone trying to get into Astrophotography

Hello, I am new to this subreddit and I am hoping soon I will be new to astrophotography as well. I live in Canada in a small town so I don’t have too much light pollution and I want to take advantage of this and my love for space by getting into Astrophotography. For starters I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T7i today to start my set up. I know a lot of the accessories that I need like converters/adapters/filters/headlamp etc. I am more so looking for advice on a good mount/telescope. So I want to do mostly deep sky imaging and I have been looking at the RedCat 51 however the 250mm focal length seems to come up abit short for many of the famous nebulas and galaxies. Furthermore, I have been looking at a Sky Guider Pro (full kit with the counter weight) and the appropriate tripod. In all I just want some advice from people who actually do it and if there is a better telescope/mount than the one I have listed. P.S I would like to keep it in the price range of $2000 CAD or $1400 USD however I am willing to budge and save a couple more dollars if it is a dramatic increase in quality. Thanks in advance!
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