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Alex-Shinae couple is not only unpopular, Alex has a steady and growing anti fan base, due to mainly his irresponsible exit and his greasiness, which even Solbi said was unrealistic. 2. the second most popular and increasingly popular couple is CJ-SIY. These two are believed to be the unsung heroes of the show. Alex who is enjoying high popularity on MBC 'We Got Married' expressed that his partner, Shin Ae is someone who brings great joy to his life. In MNet's cable tv program 'Ma'am B Salon' yesterday, Alex appeared as a guest and during the interview with host, Kim Yoon Ah which revolved 'the oasis of my… Crown J & In Young and Alex & Shinae couples are assigned with the mission, “To take care of babies as a married couple”. While Crown J and In Young are to take care of a baby girl, Alex and Shinae are given quadruplets to look after. The other couples get a different mission, “Experiencing the farms as a couple”. Alex is Shinae's couple/partner in the show 'We got married' ... They stopped appearing in the show,they said it is bcuz of Alex and Shinae's busy shecdule and I think maybe this is the real reason~ Who noes? Alex (To) GetHer (Together) Jiahui. Posted by x The J's x at Wednesday, March 25, 2009. No comments: Post a Comment. can finally be confirmed now..this was when ShinAe visited the studio as was shown on Ep. 19 of We Got Married.lols,Alex messed up and couldn't even get the right date..well understandable now since he must've been a little bit distracted by the wife's presence.. ;) Loved his voice at 2:28.^^ ShinAe sent in a song request on Alex's radio show on June 26th.Translated by ... Watch WGM Season 1 - Alex & Shinae ep1 p1 - K-showstream Kusumah on Dailymotion

[Spoilers] Season 7 is focused on the..

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truth, harsh realities, and strays away from the heavy fantasy story lines they usually give us.
I'm not surprised to see a lot of people bummed out because of how sad the season is. However, the season is focused on the truth and that's what I love about this ending . It forces the people who began watching to see some fun prison drama with sex and scandals have to be bombarded with the fact that it's not a fairytale.
They hit very hard talking points with this season,
dayas transformation from sweet to a hardened criminal and junkie
pipers privilege in admitting to tampering with her drug test because she had taken an edible and not being sent back to prison,
Tovahs storyline with being a productive member of society by working while still being homeless.
Aleidas storyline of still committing criminal acts and then losing control of her temper and ending up back in prison (inmates need therapy for their temperament)
taystees bouts with suicide, injustice, prison corruption and finding a way to better the prison system
marias inability to hold her child, dealing with a new partner joining the situation, how she evolved from "woe is me" to "I've hurt people"
Reds dementia caused by delirium from suffering in isolation when placed in the segregation holding unit
Lornas spiral into insanity with the closing down of the psych unit to cut costs
Penn overdosing on drugs that were brought in by prison guards
Alex being moved because of a prison guard who broke the law and manipulated a transfer
Shina I think is her name, the Egyptian, her storyline about female mutilation, being a lesbian, and being sent back to Egypt against the best interest of her life
Karla losing her kids, them being put in foster care as she is deported without ever getting to talk them by the facilities policies, and with her journey back to america to get her kids
Maritza being sent back to Colombia a country she doesn't know as home because she was raised in america
The faces of the corporation, poly con and Linda continuing to be corrupt even though Linda was in the prison as an inmate before
The woman who spoke kim'che being forced to carry her rapists baby
Chang being brought to the ICE detention center
The children being forced to represent themselves in court
They ended this season powerfully by leaving no stone unturned when they dealt us the truths of the prison system that we often forget when we are captivated by a sexy drama tv series with hijinks and pranks
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Personal collection. Credit: Same as previous Alex and ShinAe 20 Eng Sub Ep16 - Duration: 7:43. sglastexile 44,387 views. 7:43. Especial1 (09Jun08) -- en C0me T0 Play [parte1] 1/8 ^^ - Duration: 9:26. Dannaxugui 57,152 views. 45th Baeksang Arts Awards February 27, 2009 Song: FlowerPot and Like A Child Singer: Alex Chu ; Kim Dong Ryul feat. Alex Chu. KBS Partner Poster Photoshoot, 20090531 - Duration: ... shin ae, A recent appearance after giving birth ... Alex & ShinAe - 'Always' The Wedding Album tribute ... Stars: Alex and Shinae Credits: Tung Rung Fansubs 50+ videos Play all Mix - Alex and Shin ae - Romeo N Juliet YouTube Alex and Shin Ae cuts ep. 15 part 1 [eng. sub] - Duration: 8:52. AlShinlove2 86,413 views Alex & Shinae Cuts. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Softsub: Muish *10/10 ReEncoded with new Raw Stars: Alex & Shin Ae Credits: KoreanSubUTD