Absoulte partner

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Today's women look like younger girls / sexualized teenagers and snapchat filters are part of the problem

2020.06.17 10:33 cinnahon Today's women look like younger girls / sexualized teenagers and snapchat filters are part of the problem

okay, before I'm getting downvoted into another dimension, hear me out. I'm not talking about every woman ofc, I'm talking about the majority of women and girls that are nowadays very active on social media, especially the ones who are regarded as "instamodels".
Nowadays it's not so uncommon that little girls such as from 12 that are very active on social media look like 20 year olds. While that is true, I also think it's aplified by the fact, that 20 year olds are starting to look like sexualized 16 year olds, thus making the optical gap between little girls and young women even smaller. Young girls want to look older and young women want to look younger than they already are (without even realizing it)
Remember the supermodels from the 90s like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and so on? Compared to today's "supermodels" and especially these infamous "instamodels", they look a lot more mature and like grown women, even though they were about the same age as today's instacelebs during their peak time. This isn't a post about how the original supermodels were better etc., I'm just flabbergasted by how big the difference in appearance is. While today's instamodels are without a doubt beautiful, they don't look like women, more like girls playing grown up imo. And that absoultely creeps me out when they pose all sexy, with a body of a very well matured 20 year old but with the face of a 16 year old.
And i think the snapchat/instagram filters are part of the problem. Those filters give you big eyes, a snubby nose and make your face smaller all together, features that usually are psychological triggers that make us find babies and children adorable and it is absolutely creepy how that gets associated with being hot and sexy. Not saying everyone with a small nose or big eyes or a baby face looks like a child and shouldn't feel sexy ofc (!!) I'm talking about the new trend to look as young as possible and not even realizing that you make yourself look even younger than you already are ( i consider the 20s-30s still as young). Youth has always been a craved after, no lie about that but today's pop culture really manages to blur the lines between child / teenager and young adult with the help of AI-technology (filters) (and the Kardashians). I feel like the new beauty standard was created on those "rejuvenating" filters, instacelebs are starting more and more to look like the perfect personification of those filters. Not saying the underweight slim model look pre-social media boom era was healthy, but there is something different about a beauty standard that is being shaped after people who look like they won the genepool lottery or something a computer created.

Btw. I'm a woman and in my 20s myself, so don't accuse me of being an old man or an old lady waving fingers and preaching how everything was better back then or perceive people generally as younger because of old age. Even as being a part of today's youth, I'm a little creeped out by what is considered hot nowadays. Mature bodies with borderline barely legal-esque faces.
edit: disclaimer: if you got a baby face and loving partner, or like natural baby faces in general that doesn't mean there is something wrong with him / you. I am criticizing the way society is perceiving those filters as the new "ideal" and said filters happened to morph the face into child like features.
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2020.01.29 16:48 ForeverJay what's the best way of meeting other like-minded londoners outside of work/friends?

some of my friends use bumble bff and they speak positively of it
i want to avoid using meetup.com or any subreddit meetings because i feel it's geared towards narrow interests, which are absoultely fine but i would rather develop more general and rounded friends. feel free to prove me wrong about them though!
i'm a born and bred londoner so i have a few school and lifelong friends, but totally up for diversifying my circle! especially with people who aren't native to the UK
edit: i should note that i'm in a relationship so i'm not looking for partners haha!
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2018.09.17 04:37 caligirl285 Midwest sub (34f) searching for her Dom

I am done with drama and games. Plese be genuinely looking for a relationship with a submissive female. Not looking for play partners or hook ups!! I am an amazing, strong willed, independent woman. I am completely independent and do not NEED a man in my life, just would prefer one in my life, to complement it. I work full time and am a single mother. I am a BBW. Please feel free to ask questions!
You must be a Dominant male, that has experience! Truly Dominant in that this is a lifestyle for you. You must be independent (have a career, your own place, vehicle, and can pay all of your bills). You can not be married. You must be in your 30s, live within a reasonable amount of distance from me, and looking to have a relationship. You must like BBWs. MONOGAMY IS AN ABSOULTE MUST!!
I promise I am actually pretty laid back and sweet, I am just over the game called dating. Feel free to message me, if you are truly interested!!
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2018.06.01 14:59 -schizm- Advice [triggering] (emotional abuse)

Before I say anything, I need to state that I'm not diagnosed with DID yet (no money for therapy) but after seeing someone do what i think was faking it I'm 99% sure I have it for real. I need someone who is diagnosed for sure with DID to talk to.
My host was in an abusive situation for a few months with someone who probably didn't even have osdd claiming she was disabled from having DID. I lived with her for a few months with another of my hosts partners (they're polyam) and felt weird about her saying she had DID, but once I moved cross country with only her, I began to see that something was off. I saw her dissociate 2 times in an entire 1 month period, both times it was the same one of her 50+ alters and she was only out for less than a few hours. (keep in mind, she was texting our other partner as different alters). This alter was used I believe as a tool to manipulate my host(indigo). She was used to be extremely guilt trippy and gaslighty, and would basically make you feel like shit for asking her to do anything. This alter came out both times when indigo was going through a really rough spot and was trying to find someone to talk to. When indigo mentioned to her (host, not alter) that the alter was manipulating them but in much gentler wording, she twisted it around so bad indigo was hyperventilating and trying to pull out their hair.
There's even more to the situation to the point where I almost feel to the point of begging for advice. Indigos other remaining partner is also self diagnosed with DID and I no longer know how I feel about it after my disorder has gotten to the point where in the last week because of dissociation I've lost a job and then physically lost a $180 vape, my wallet with my social security card and my insurance card, 3 chargers, ect. I don't need validating that I have it, as an alter I am very explicit and separate from Indigo to the point where I don't think I /could/ be making this up. I don't think she is either, but at the point, she is also at 50+ alters (many of them fall within the same strains). she dissociates on a daily basis, I have no trouble believing her alters are real, I just can't believe shes split that much and there's still so much personality left to each alter. With her I don't think she's lying out of malice, I believe we both genuinely have no clue what is going on. Last time she went to a psych about DID (when she had around 10 alters and half of them were littles in another alters strain) she was told she had BPD after a single visit. in this situation I lean more towards her side than the therapists because I was committed for a schizoaffective onset and told I had only BPD and not a single other disorder. this is because the mental healthcare is absoulte horse shit where I'm from.
Is it possible to have "headspaces" to go into of personalities you go into that are misidentified as separate people? That's what I think my ex was doing bc she'd "slip out of character" for lack of a better word. I just don't know what 50+ alters means with DID, if that's even possible. Could it be a combination of disorders? I genuinely believe my hosts remaining partner belives she has it but I'm not sure how to move forward. I feel like I just finally beginning to express how I'm my own full person (we just turned 18, I've been around since age 4 though) and my experience is so vastly different from theirs.
There's a lot lot lot more details I can give and would like to discuss if anyone has time. Thank you :)
edit: pronouns got confusing bc I was trying to stealth half of the time while writing that oops
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2018.03.31 19:44 frequentdoodler FMIL has ruined any wedding plans we made 7 times. The final time includes an ultimatum. "Her, or your family."

I never wanted to post here. I kept thinking that my mom would keep her crazy to a minimum, and that my FD(amn)H’s mom would be the normal meter in my life. But now I’m fucking fed up.
Background on me: Typical broken home. I’m black-hispanic and as blue as they come, went to art school, etc etc. Meanwhile, FDH is from a suburban white family from the midwest, white house, white picket fence, 2 kids, the whole goddamn nine. And his mom has a family of at least 60 people who are all over your goddamn business. Between his mom and dad, there’s about 100 roman catholic people who want to know ALL OF YOUR BUsINEss. (My s key is broken, so I have to copy+paste it)
FDH Backstory —— (All of this context is important) We got engaged two years ago, after two years of dating and 5 years of knowing each other. As of today, we’ve been best friends for 9 years and together for 4. FDH, when we met, was a quiet guy, not much in the way of hobbies, and did exactly as his parents said. Not in like, a malicious “I control your life way” like the way you see in rbn, but like.. the, “I know more than you, I’m successful and own a house and I love you and want whats best for you kind of way”. But even then, he was still miserable. so over the next four years, he blossomed out of his shell. He learned how to communicate, how to fight (he’d back down from any disagreement with resentments, so I had to teach him how to fight like a couple), how to be himself. He grew out his hair, takes care of his skin, embraced himself. He has a tattoo, even! And he (mostly) goes against what his parents wants, because he’s 26 years old now. Crazy transformation from the mild mannered nice catholic boy I had met. I guess I corrupted him.
Our relationship was.. I want to say whole heartedly it was great, but it was hard. I had to teach my boyfriend how to emotionally “handle” me, because his family doesn’t “do” emotions. They don’t “do” equal communication, and they don’t “do” embracing anger, or sadness, or anything. so I had to teach him how to be emotionally vulnerable and to communicate with me. I had to goad him into therapy, I had to teach him how to survive on “”poor people money”” (which, his attitude at the time had pissed me off to no end because his parents think that if there’s more than 5 black people around, its a ~dangerous area~”), and other stuff. I waited a long time and worked a long time for us to work how to love together, as equals, without me also managing his feelings. His parents, and mother specidically, raised him with a learned goddamn helplessness that is INFURIATING because he’s so fucking smart when he wants to be! Our relationship was great because it took a lot of work to get there, and I was very happy up until he proposed late 2016.
Let me tell you something. I am not an easy person to be around. I am self aware enough to know that my various issues stem from my bag of crazy mother, and that sometimes, I see and do things a certain way and am totally unapologetic about it. However, with four years of intense therapy and medication, I like to think I make a decent partner. I have anxiety, ptsd, ADHD, and am very book smart, so I have to work very hard to control the shitty side effects that comes out of that. I had to emotionally handle my best friend’s death, the varies felonious bullshit my mom has pulled in the last 4 years, and familial alienation BY MYsELF. I was too busy teaching FDH how to handle some overt sadness that most of my processing and growth happened inside doctor’s offices and with friends. Nowadays, I have a bachelors for a lucrative career that I paid for myself, and in a month or so, I walk across the stage to get that $60K paper in my hands.
FMIL situation ___________
That all being said.. ever since FDH proposed to me, its been hell.
I don’t have a lot of family I like, let alone enjoy. In 2016 I still had a fractured relationship with my father (because of parental alienation via my mother), my grandfather wasn’t talking to me (because of some bullshit triangulation from my mother), and I was trying hard not to seek out a mother figure from MY own mother because she’s a bag of fucking crazy. Prior to FDH, I never even wanted to get married. Having a long term family wasn’t even on my radar, and I was (And am) childfree so I figure I’d be self sustaining and on my own… forever. so then comes this adorably handsome, shy nerd and fuck, I become smitten. And he’s got the price tag of 100 people all up in his business who immediately made it clear they wanted a gigantic wedding.
Going through my own personal bag of crazy, the morsel of “I can’t handle more than 10 people in a room” comes up. There’s also the piece of “I can’t be emotionally vulnerable to more than one person at a time”, and other various things that make a big wedding a BIG FUCKING NO! But relationships are based on compromise. so we went to his mom and dad. His dad took a second to congratulate us, and his mom stammered through another congratulation. that’s the thing about my FMIL. she will NOT tell me or anyone that she dislikes me, but she’ll tell her husband, who in turn hints to it at FDH. but! she’ll also tell me important emotional dynamics that affect their family, but not to FDH, knowing it’ll trickle down to him. so its this terrible game of “well meaning” telephone tag whenever she’s disappointed.
I’m skipping a lot of llama feed for a later date, but I will impress upon you this. Because of FMIL’s desires of a wedding for her eldest son, FDH and I have tried, and failed, to plan a wedding sIX TIMEs. Each time I got more and more emotionally fragile because this was now something I wanted, and each time it got taken away from me from external forces- a major one was my FMIL and her precious “but what will the family think??” And each fucking time FDH sided with them. How much he likes his family, and how he doesn’t want to disappoint them. Listen. I’m not a monster. I just didn’t grow up with a not-abusive family. But if your fiancé has (multiple) panic attacks at the idea of their idea wedding, MAYBE you would consider meeting her at the middle? Just MAYBE?
so I suggested that we elope after more disappointment. remember how FDH doesn’t fucking know how to have an intelligent emotional conversation? He went to his parents, sat down, and bluntly said. “Doodle thinks we should elope. I agree. Only my best man will be there.” Do you wanna guess what happened? If you guessed WWIII, you win an angry upvote! OF COURsE that approach was fucked in the head, so they HATED IT. He came back home with his goddamn tail between his legs and said, “maybe we should reconsider.” I blew the fuck up.
After this, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I was in my last school semester and I was this close to dumping him. He couldn’t say no to his parents, and more importantly, he broke his promise. He PROMIsED ME that this would be the last plan. I broke off the engagement and cooly said that I would not consider getting engaged till I was ready. I finish my last semester with solid A-Bs, and I decide to give him another chance. This was on the condition that if, at any point, my desires are not met and you break an agreement with me after disucssing with his parents, I’m gone.
It goes pretty okay. I did some math and realized that a big wedding is impossible because he wants to go back to school next year, and I’m going to be working full-time to support him while he does that. Paying a $7k credit card bill on top of everything else just isnt on the cards, so we let his parents know that we’re going to try and throw our wedding May 12, the same weekend I graduate, with my mother, father, and grandfather there. We plan an absolutely tiny ceremony with 10 people, and that’s it. I expected FMIL to blow her lid, but to my honest goddamn surprise? she was excited!
so I let her plan the inconsequential details. she’ll do my flowers. she’ll help me find a veil. I already bought a dress, so that painful part was over. Other than her CBFing every time I mentioned I wanted to do something different than she did, it was ok. And unfortunately, while we were at [hobby store], I let something slip (that I didn’t think needed to be hidden). We had to go to the courthouse. she was like, “wait, why?” and I said, “Oh, FDH is changing his name”. I saw a small nuclear warhead go off in her eyes as she spluttered, “Wha- no, why is he??! He’s the last [Name] boy!!” and I was like, “no-no-no! He’s just hyphenating it with mine!! its fine, he’s still keeping [name!]” and she gasps and with much handwaving says “Oh okay, great! I’m so glad, I would have had to pull the mom card and put my foot down!!” I don’t like that, but Ignore it. Dinner later that evening was quiet, with much subtle CBF, and as a child of abuse I know when someones angry. I can feel it in the air. But we left with no issues, so, good right?
Nah. Couple days later, FDH gets a call. she’s sobbing. “Why isn’t our name good enough for you??”
Hold up. Okay. so in my culture, when someone gets married they hyphenate in order to keep track of the lineage. Mostly women do it, but the men are known to sometimes partake if it makes sense. My last name is a hyphenation of a broken marriage, and my current name is my professional livelihood. However, I want to have a new, legal name that represents the new family I’m building for myself. I would be Doodle [Myname]-[Hisname] and he would be FDH [Myname-Hisname]. It was a wonderful solution that HE had suggested we do almost two years ago. But we never mentioned it to his parents because its none of their fucking business.
so after some very good shiny spine moments from him, “Mom I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t see it as throwing my name away. Hypenating is important to her”, the phone call ends without much fanfare. There is rumbling in the distance.
He gets asked to go to morning breakfast with FMIL, alone. A little about FDH- he works nights as medical personel. so when you ask to meet him in the morning, he is 12 hours later from his shift. he’s fucking tired. And FMIL drops this bomb. “If you hyphenate your name, you insult your father and your grandmother. You were named after your grandfather and the relationship with your father and grandmother will be irreparable. Do not change your name.”
There it is. The gauntlet is dropped. If he changes his name, he loses his father, grandmother, and of course FMIL and FsIL.
Alternatively, If he chooses me, he looses them.
He lets me know this friday morning at work, and guys? I spiral. I can’t handle it. Their feelings will always go over mine. Their family ideals will always go over me. sometimes we didn’t mind doing what we wanted because the consequences were minimal— a CBF here and there wasn’t gonna kill me. But this? Telling him he’ll permanently fuck up his relationship with his family if he legally hyphenates his name with mine? I lost it. I had to leave work because I couldn’t even see straight. I sobbed, open hearted, broken hearted sobbed, at the job I worked sO HARD to get, because of him and his fucking family.
I can appreciate wanting to keep your family. But when you get told a bullshit ultimatim like this, you call their fucking bluff. “How dare you try to make me live my life the way you want it on the price of my relationship with you?” But FDH has been, understandably, absoultely distraught. And he KNOWs it. He knows I’m ready to fucking dump im. It’s easy to say that we could just keep our names and not change them, or I just hyphenate mine. But NO!
I REFUsE TO COMPROMIsE! ITs ALL I FUCKING DO! I want my husband and I to have the sAME NAME. Because HE is my new family now, and not anyone else! It is an important distinction to me and like FUCK am I going to give it up? I’m essentially a fucking orphan, okay? I don’t have family I can love or trust safely without getting hurt! I NEEDED this visual, visceral, and legally binding reminder that someone out there LOVEs ME and is committed to ME.
since friday morning, its been silence between us. the gauntlet has been thrown. Them or Me. And guys? I think he’s gonna choose them. Instead of getting rightfully angry at the bullshit his mother is putting him through, calling her bluff, and otherwise telling them how angry HE is at THEM, he’s gonna wallow and cry and wonder how he can possibly make us both happy. He fucking can’t.
I’m so fucking hurt.
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2017.09.17 11:57 auntie_climax Help me stop feeling sorry for myself?

As per my previous post, I drank on Friday. It was pretty gruesome, blackout drunk. Not that gruesome that I did anything bad, just the fact that I drank that much.
I know that my heads still going to be all over the place due to the alcohol abuse, but i really cant stop feeling sorry for myself.
Nobody wants to be anywhere near me, my eldest son who's always been a tower of strength and support to me...has asked me not to contact him again. Except I did, this morning...I was looking for some love and kindness really, thats what I'd hoped for....i know it was too soon and I should have waited, he just ended up being quite viscious and nasty.
And although I know i deserved it, it hurt like hell.
Now i just cant stop thinking about how shitty my life is....whether i drink or not. Ive had the year from absolute hell, and I have to face most of it alone.
I started the year being a kidney donor for my middle son, who also happens to have special needs and mild learning difficulties. I seriously wasnt prepared for what a big thing we were both facing. I wasnt prepared for how ill I felt afterwards, it threw up lots of horrible feelings for me.....I'm alone, I dont have a partner, I dont have anyone to take care of me....physicaly or emotionally.
I have a toxic relationship with my sister, who used the whole operation as a points scoring exercise....I wont go into the boring details, but suffice to say, i left the hospital feeling like the biggest piece of shit in the world. It took me a long time to be able to see the transplant as a good thing. It was a horrible experience.
On top of that, my son didnt cope well with the operation at all, due to his special needs, and all the lifestyle changes that came with it. Guess who he took it out on?
Then almost immediately his disabilty money stopped...again, he acted like i personally had been the one to stop his money. I'm still fighting to get it re-instated, due to his special needs and myriad of other problems he has. This has meant extra paperwork, deadlines etc...its been so stressful.
My eldest son (the one who doesnt want to speak to me) has ssvere social anxiety and agrophobia, so i do lots for him too. I just helped them move into a new place, but they wont do anything for themselves...they havent bothered unpacking or cleaning the new place, and wont until i go do it for them. I feel its my duty as their mother and because of both their difficulties.
My mum passed suddenly a month and a half ago, she was only 68, and she was my rock....she was a difficult woman at times to be fair, but she alwasys supported me in my drinking problem without any judgements at all. she also helped me in other ways...she was always there, and now shes not.
Then theres my daughter who still lives with me, shes 16 and just started college....i sorted out all her paperwork for her, made two trips to college with her....when i couldnt really afford it, and took up two whole days (we have to use buses as I dont drive)
I do everytihin i possibly can for her, i help her out left right and centre, i comfort her when shes upset, i give her money etc etc.....do you know that even when my mum died, I had to ask her to come down from her room and sit with me.....my feelings and or upset mean absoultely zero to her
I help out a niece who has a psychitic illness and is really reeling from the death of my mum...she was my mums carer as well and lived with her.
I have a friend who is an awful life situation, and always there to help her too....but out of all of them, this friend is the ONLY one who gives me anything back.
If im upset, i get told i'm childish, shouldnt be thinking that way, making mountains out of molehills...I'm literally not allowed to be a human being.
I asked my daughter and my niece for a favour on thursday and neither of them would do it.....my son again said i was making a mountain out of a mole hill.... but it was just the latest in a long line of "fuck yous" its just indicative of the way i get treated. and it hurts.
Now ive had a drink, sons hating on me big style (i totally understand how he feels but his words have been so harsh, its like im not even a human being) My daughter cant even look at me without contempt in her eyes.
I understand and I dont blame them, theyre sick of false promises, its just compounded my feelings of being absolutely alone and I'm so sad.
Its a bit of a paradox really, because deep down I think I'm too toxic to be around anyone....yet craving some love and companionship.
The one friend who does give back to me, I hate putting my shit on her (as i said shes in a pretty awful life situation herself)
I'm sick of the daily struggle of paperowrk, appointments, getting buses that take hours to get anywhere (live in a really rural area) as well as the cost of buses when im so broke, and having no partner or anybody to offload on...without fear of being made to feel silly or stupid. I just want someone to listen and understand exactly what its like to be me. The vulnerability and loneliness I felt after the operation is still hanging on me....even when Ive made concerted efforts to just stop it.
My son actually said oh you poor thing, you have a nice house to live in and a family.....do you know how many people have worse lives than you? instead of just saying, "that must be a bit shit for you" and giving me a bit of recgnition and comfort.
I'm too fucked up to even consider looking for a partenr and even if i wasnt, we live in a small rural community,......i am just known as a drinking problem, again....not a human being, a drinking problem. Everyone knows it.
even these past 30 days sober, was just filled with stress and upset and nobody at all thinking to give me any comfort or support. I'm not suicidal at all, just feel like theres no point in living like this.....im 45 now, ive given up on life. Ive no job, no qualifications to get a job, no partner, no social life and no support, and no chance of getting them either.
I'm so tied of it all, and feeling mega sorry for myself.....i know it doesnt help tho and wish I could just stop and try to find some positivity somewhere
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2015.11.25 05:05 fenderdean13 AAW Windy City Classic 11 preview

For those who don't know AAW is the biggest indie wrestling company in the Chicagoland area and one of the biggest throughout the midwest period. They have been going for 11 years and for 11 years the Windy City Classic has been a staple for AAW because a lot of their story lines all head to end here.THis event is happening this Saturday. My first AAW show was Windy City Classic 10 last year, and I saw a great match between Eddie Kingston and what would be Keith Walkers last pro wrestling match ever. Ever since then I have become a big supporter of the company and always try to get the name out when I can. This event is sold out of pre sale tickets they will be having a limited amount at the door and they aren't sure how many they will have so get their early if you plan on going and didn't grab a ticket (Which I am doing because idiot me didn't snag one early myself.) I am going to break down all the advertised matches and if any story lines are surrounding the match, they may throw a couple matches in this card that aren't announced or won't til the matches happen. I will also spotlight guys who you may want to look out for as while AAW is by no means a small indie but they aren't on the same level like PWG, Evolve, CZW, or a major wrestling promotion Ring of Honor; they are on the level of a AIW, Beyond, Smash, etc... where they have some national talent or in this event some international talent they also rely on guys who are on a more regional level that they build up themselves as these guys are trying to work to try to get on a national level.
Markus Crane & Shane Hollister vs Matt Cage & Tyson Dux
This match is probably one of the least hyped matches on the card due to the storyline and how stop and start the storyline was from the Matt Cage and Shane Hollister end of it. Last year Shane Hollister who is a former AAW heavyweight champion turned face by showing respect to Louis Lyndon which caused his now former valet/manager Scarlett Bordeaux who may know as a ROH ring announcer to leave Shane and she found a newly debuted Tyson Dux who is a veteran on the indie scene mainly works Canada and had a small stint in Ring of Honor in the Top Prospect tournament and Matt Cage who is a AAW regular which I will cover him more in depth later. Both Tyson Dux and Matt Cage attacked Shane Hollister with the history between Scarlett and Shane and as well as Eddie kingston who is a top name in AAW. After a tag match at AAW Bound by Hate, the feud split off in two different directions where it was Tyson Dux vs Eddie Kingston and Shane Hollister vs Matt Cage. Tyson Dux and Eddie Kingston had a series of great matches which ended in a grueling but a great last man standing match at AAW Jaw Breaker where Eddie Kingston came out on top. If I were anyone I would go out of my way to see that match. But the Shane Hollister and Matt Cage match had a sort of a stand still. Well they are finally ending the feud in a tag match at Windy City Classic. While the three of the four original men in this feud are in the match Markus Crane, who is sort of a black sheep. Markus Crane is a former AAW tag champion, but he is still young in the business. He isn't bad in actuality is pretty solid but he isn't stand out either, the way I can describe him as someone who is trying to find a identity in wrestling. The reason why is he is in the match as he teamed with Shane in a six man tag match at the last show Never Say Die and they had good chemistry. In a online promo they established they are cousins (if it is kayfabe or not, I don't really know) and it looks like he is in the match because of that. The way I see it go from here is that who ever wins this match will establish themselves in the tag divison as AAW doesn't have any teams in AAW to go up against the Hooligans after their match tonight as this year AAW lost Monster Mafia due to Josh Alexander's retirement earlier in the year and they are losing Ohio is for Killers as this shows is Jake Crists last AAW show due to retirement himself. The only tag teams AAW has left is Zero Gravity but the Hooligans and Zero Gravity had a series of matches before the Hooligans won the Championship so it wouldn't be a new matchup, and Davey Vega and Matt Fitchett but it seems like they are breaking up as a tag team in AAW so who ever or both teams could add good additions to AAW's tag divison.
Here is the promo for the match
Gregory Iron vs Christian Faith
This match is one that has been building up for a bit now. Gregory Iron like in many promotions runs his stable the Iron Curtain. Each promotion that has the Iron Curtain is a bit different. In AAW it consisted of Gregory Iron the leader, Benard the manager, and the monster Christian Faith. Well Christian Faith was the Heritage Champion who lost it to AAW's underdog Louis Lyndon. Ever since then he has been on a loosing streak since then. At the last show had a Monster vs Monster match with TNA wrestlelegend Abyss, Christian Faith was coming out on the loosing end and Gregory Iron got fed up and tried taking matter in his own hands in which resulted in Abyss choke slamming Iron onto a pool of thumbtacks as Christians back was turned. Abyss ended up getting the win and in a post match promo Iron kicked faith out of the Iron Curtain and challenged Faith to a match at Windy City Classic. The way I see this is going with Faith unmasking regardless who wins, which excites me as Christian Faith really is Ricky Shane Page who I'm a pretty big fan of which I will cover more in depth later.
Davey Vega vs ACH
THe storyline based around this is the real life friendship of ACH, Davey Vega, and Matt Fitchett. Davey Vega and Matt Fitchett are tag partners at a few different indies and ACH from Ring of Honor are friends of theirs. At Hell Hath No Fury in a promo they made themselves their unofficial name the A team. FOr a while while ACH was doing his other duties in Ring of Honor and else where Matt and Davey went on a loosing streak which was starting to get to Davey and they were teasing a break up for a bit then went on a winning streak where Davey was picking up the wins. They earned themselves a tag title shot at AAW Jawbreaker against the Hooligans where Matt Fitchett was the one that got pinned. At Never Say Die as Matt was out on I think kayfabe injury ACH and Davey Vega made Mike Elgin trainee Paco a honorary member of A team in a six man tag against Hollister, Crane, and Matt Cross (or Son of Havoc in Lucha Underground). Paco got the loss which got to Davey, which he shoved ACH. In a online promo Davey Vega challenged ACH to a match at Windy City Classic. The way I see this is going as Davey Vega picking up the win as ACH is leaving the indie scene as he is finishing up his dates due to signing a exclusive contract with Ring of Honor. After the match Davey is seeming to go down a heel route and I can see him gun for the AAW heritage championship (AAW's secondary title) Here is the match promo
Alex Shelly vs Louis Lyndon for the AAW Heritage Championship
This match has no real storyline attached to it but to describe this match as a breakout match for Louis Lyndon. Louis Lyndon is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the indie scene not only on the midwest but all of america. He has a martial arts type style (not mma to not confuse anyone) and him going against a former three time IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, TNA Tag Team Champion, and TNA X-Division champion in Alex Shelly could give Louis Lyndon the break he desperately needs. This isn't Alex Shelly's debut to AAW though, he has roots in the company and while the Motor City Machine Guns were going strong, they held the AAW Tag Team Championship. THe last time Shelly was at AAW was in April of 2014, he was scheduled for Windy City Classic last year but had to pull out because of injury and ironically Chris Sabin was the one the substituted for him last min.
Tomoasso Ciampa vs Fenix
This was a match I wasn't expecting at all. When AAW announce Fenix along with Pentagon jr. I figured they would go on to face each other, then when AAW announced the dream match Chris Hero vs Pentagon jr.( after marking out to that announcement of course) and after I saw that Shelly was on the Card I expected that match up to happen but when this match was announced it came out of nowhere. This will be a very good match, I'm interested on how the two styles will mix. Ciampa since leaving ROH has been on fire in AAW and everywhere he goes. In AAW he had some amazing matches with Tommy End at Hell Hath No Fury, Chris Hero which is one of the best wrestling matches I have seen live at United We Stand, and Mike Elgin at the last show Never Say Die amongst others, if you decide to buy any AAW dvds or vods get those shows for those match ups alone.
Chris Hero vs Pentagon jr.
Yes this match is happening!!! I really don't have much to say about this matchup other that it is a dream match. Expect a hard hitting match for what I'm expecting to be a very hot crowd. I'm marking out right now just typing this. I don't have more to say.
The Hooligans w/ Bucky Collins vs Ohio is for Killers for the AAW Tag Team Championship
This match is a special match for the AAW regular fans as well as the performers as for the Ohio is For Killers side this will be Jake Crist's last match in AAW as he is retiring from professional wrestling. I will get to the the Hooligans a little bit later but these two teams over the summer had one of the best tag feuds going on the indie scene. They brawled all over the regular AAW venue 115 Bourbon Street, diving off balconies, fighting on top of bars, brawling in the crowds, falling on top of guard rails, you name it. Each match got better and better. Its awesome that they are rekindling the feud for Jakes last match in AAW. Not to mention they will have the Hooligans's manager Bucky Collins at Ring Side which to describe him as the mouth piece for the Hooligans,while he wrestles outside of AAW as well as sometimes in AAW he really shines as a manager. His character seems like a Batman: the Animated Series influenced Joker into a wrestling character. I see the Hooligans retaining but expect a lot of thank you chants to Jake and OI4K. I think Dave will still be around in AAW as he is still around in CZW but this will be a special match.
Here is the OI4K Jake Crist retirement announcement
Here is Bucky Collins response to OI4K
Main Event: Ethan Page vs Eddie Kingston vs Trevor Lee in a Three Way match for the AAW Heavyweight Championship
This match has a lot behind it. It goes back to Hell Hath No Fury when Josh Alexander lost his match in the main event to Somoa Joe, Eddie Kingston was champion at the time facing against Ethan page and retained. At the next event in the Main Event Take No Prisoners the three way for the title Between Eddie Kingston as Champ going up against Josh Alexander and Somoa Joe. Somoa Joe eliminated Kingston and Josh eliminated Somoa Joe via his Spinning Tombstone Piledriver. Between the two events Josh announced his retirement due to neck injuries, and in the main event of Killers Among Us we saw the last AAW match for the Monster Mafia as a team against then tag champs Ohio is For Killers, after the match than page turned on Josh and set up a title match the next day at the AAW Vanguard show (which is a scrapped idea which was like AAW's NXT which I think was the last Vangaurd show) in which Ethan beat Josh for the championship. While defending the title 3 times, against Johnny Garagano twice, and Matt Cross, Eddie Kingston was in a blood feud with Tyson Dux, and we saw the debut of Trevor Lee. Trevor Lee you may know from PWG, Evolve, TNA, GFW, etc... He wrestled and won his first two matches against Christian Faith and Silas Young. At the last show Never Say Die in the Main Event we had a four way match to decide the #1 contender for Ethan Pages title, between Eddie Kingston, Trevor Lee, Louis Lyndon, and Silas Young. Both Louis Lyndon and Silas Young were both eliminated and before we got a winner, the 30 mins time limit expired. After the match was announced as a draw Eddie Kingston cut a promo saying how he didn't come here to be in a draw, and started brawling with Trevor Lee which ended up being like the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar brawl leading into Summer Slam with the locker room coming out to try to separate them. you can see the brawl in this video Amongst the brawl they announced the title match will be a three way elimination match. This is going to be a great match and all three men will deliver it. The AAW Heavyweight Championship is one of the most prestigious titles on the american independents, as it was held by a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Seth Rollins, 3 Former ROH World Heavyweight Champions in which two held it before the ROH which were of course Seth Rollins and Michael Elgin and the other being Kevin Steen/Owens after his ROH title reign, other notable reigns would be Silas Young as he is the longest combined reigns in 469 day reign which is the longest in its history and 426 days the second longest reign, Jerry Lyn in a 420 day reign, Shane Hollister in two reigns first being 155 days and the second being 258 days, and Eddie Kingston with a 231 day reign. To describe the participants in the match Eddie Kingston is a foul mouth hard hitting wrestler and i would call the face or ace of the company as he is a fan favorite amongst the AAW loyals. Ethan Page the champion, the trash talking but great heel that has been tearing up the indie scene this past year, and Trevor Lee the newcomer and in a fast rate has become a fan favorite in AAW and the indie scene in general. I'm really not sure how this outcome can come out but with how big this match and event will be, this outcome will change AAW in the next year.
Here is the Hype Video for the main event
Who To Watch Out For?
I'm going to spotlight some guys who should should look out for while watching the event as these guys can breakout on the national indie scene any moment as all they need is a break.
The Hooligans- Devin and and Mason Cutter are brother that are already on the cusp of breaking out in the indie scene as they made their debut in CZW against Team Tremdous in a CZW Tag Title match this past weekend. They are can do everything from brawling, high flying, doing classic tag team stuff like drawing the ref in a good matter cutting off other opponents from other sides of the ring, and are good baby faces and heels. if this is your first time watching them they will stand out to you right away and I can see them in PWG, Evolve, etc... int he next year.
Louis Lyndon- like I said earlier he is really underrated on the indie scene. I talked about him when covering his match so i don't feel to go in depth anymore then I already did. He just needs that one break to blow up really blow up. Here is a Defend Indy Wrestling Spotlight video on him
Matt Cage- hard hitting wrestler, very good and sound wrestler. he has had some evolve matches in the past, and he is working his way through across the country. Over the summer he came out as a openly gay man in wrestling but that isn't the reason to pay attention to him as where he shines the most is his heel and character work. He is a great talker, and he can get any crowd to boo him. The biggest weakness to him which isn't his fault, is his size but if he comes to your local promotion go to that show as he will give you a good wrestling match.
Christian Faith aka Ricky Shane Page- He is everywhere ont he midwest indie scene, like Lyndon he is very under ratted. He can play any role a promotion gives him with usually coming out with good performances. Don't let his look fool you as he is a great wrestler and outside of AAW he is the AIW Absoulte Champion which is the top belt of that company.Here is his Defend Indy Wrestling Spotlight video
Davey Vega- I'm sort of biased on this one as he did a AMA here. Though he is a very good wrestler that he could add depth to anyones roster. He has a good striking games, as well as doing some high flying. He is a good dude out of the ring, and he can always deliver a good match.
How can I watch the show?
If you are going to the show it is at the Logan Square Auditorium on November 28th in downtown Chicago, presales are sold out but they will be announcing how many tickets day of that they will have at the door as these will be a limited number, come early.
If you aren't going the best place to watch the show is to order a blu ray/dvd or vod from smartmarkvideo.com with blu ray and dvd coming out to $15 and the vod coming out to $11.99.
Follow AAW on twitter at @AAWpro or their website at aawrestling.com
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2015.10.25 17:40 eQualzzz [H] 190 keys [W] Perfect M9 Bayonet Fade 100%

B/O - 190 keys for a completly flawless, scratchless, low float 100% faded M9.
The absoulte MAX I'm willing to spend is 190 keys.
Will obviously pay less if your M9 doesn't meet my standards.
Don't bother offering me 98% faded ones because I'm not interested, nor am I interested in your blazed kara/bayo CH.
Trade offer!
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2015.05.27 02:06 tasky Anti-cheat survey, your input is requested!

Hey /globaloffensive,
I'm Tasky, one of the co-founders of altPUG (now partnered with CEVO). If you're not familiar, altPUG originally launched to this subreddit just under two years ago and about a year ago announced a partnership with CEVO. We now work directly with them on a lot of facets around the technology stack behind both the client and the server. A lot of the feedback on this subreddit as of late has prompted some internal discussions, but we don't want to make any major decisions without consulting the community first.
Anti-cheat is a really huge topic right now (I don't think I really need to say why). A valid point that continues to arise is "I want more invasive anti-cheat if it means less cheaters, but _____________". Obviously, a huge benefit of a third party platform is the additional anti-cheat measures that can be taken by smaller, more agile shops and while we pride ourselves on what we've been able to do thus far (check out the ban list to see what I mean), we're always looking to be better.
Pissing off the largest CS:GO community (which, based on the numbers, 1/3 of CS:GO players are subscribed here), however, is not on the agenda.
Before we spend a significant amount of time/money/effort on anything major, we have some questions. I had originally intended to post the questions here and review the comments, but the sheer size of this subreddit now tends to introduce a lot of noise for something like this. Instead, I've created a survey on Google Forms with a few questions. The results are currently marked private but I see no reason why we can't provide some feedback to the community as a result in a few days.
If you have a few minutes, please give it a go. The feedback generated by this subreddit over the past few days has been tremendous, and I want to assure you it has not fallen on deaf ears. Anti-cheat is definitely a topic we take seriously, and absoultely a decision we do not want to make alone. The survey is short, sweet, to the point, and will help us determine where it makes sense for us to invest our time and effort.
tl;dr We need your input to help shape where we spend time. Fill out this form please.
Edit: an hour in and we're a little low on the responses (just about 80). If you can, please spread the word a bit so we can make an informed decision!
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2015.03.23 01:06 Dludludludludlu [Need Reassurance/Help] Longterm girlfriend(23) asked to have sex with another person. I want to say yes but I'm terrified.

Let me first start by giving some background. My girlfriend and I have been dating for over 3 years and we absolutely consider the other our partner and best friend. Neither of us have any doubts that at this point we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Let me also add that our sex life is absoultly phenomenal. We both are very communicative and can talk about anything...hence, how we get to this topic.
About 6 months ago my girlfriend asked me if it was okay if she started sexting random strangers online. We are both very open with regards to sex and we both agreed it would be okay for either person to do it as long as no personal information or pictures were exchanged. All admit, it made me a little uncomfortable but she promised that if I ever wanted her to stop all I would have to do is say the word. She assured me she valued me over anything else and fantasizing with strangers just something that turned her on but nothing more. I trust this woman more than anyone else in the world and never once has she lied to me so I did, and still do, believe every word of that.
Fast-forward 6 months to now and she sat me down and told me that there has been this person she has been sexting for the past 2 months on and off. She admits that she has really enjoyed it and that recently he asked if they would ever want to maybe meet up. She did not respond to this comment but instead came and talked to me. She tells me that she can't lie and say she isn't curious but and wanted to know how I felt about it. Of course, if I am uncomfortable with the idea all I have to do is say "no" and she promises that she will never even talk to this man again if thats what I want. That said, I feel like if I say "no" because of my anxieties that she will be disappointed and that I'm keeping her from something that could make her happy.
Now I've always been one to think there is nothing wrong with open relationships. Hell, I know that from a rational point of view I should have no issue with it especially considering that she is going about it in what I think to be the best way possible. That said I'd be lying through my teeth if I said it didn't freak me the fuck out. I really WANT to be okay with it but Im not at all....and I don't even know why. I don't know what to do and don't have anyone I can talk to who won't just jump to the whole "she is cheating on you" conclusion so I come to reddit for help.
For people who have been in this situation and openly share partners, Is there anyway I can calm down all these seemingly irrational thoughts in my head? I really do want to be able to say yes to her but at the same time I can't bring myself to do it and I can't even give her a good reason why I'm not okay with it. Sorry if this is just a complete wall of text. If you have any questions I really will do my best to answer them. All comments are appreciated.
TL;DR Girlfriend wants to have sex with a stranger she met online. I want to be okay with it but my mind is riddled with anxieties and I can't bring myself to say yes, let alone give her a good reason as to why I'm not okay with it.
First let me just say to all the people jumping the the conclusion that she is cheating on me...she's not. She's let me read the conversations and there hasn't been an inch of secrecy when it comes to this (that was part of the original agreement with this in the first place). I think the biggest fear right now is trust. Not trust in her however, but trust in another person. I have a hard time trusting people as it is and to trust someone with her safety is something I'm having a big issue getting over. We both agreed that for now it is a no but we both want to continue talks on this in the next few days. Don't get me wrong its definitely something I'm curious about for her and I but the trust part scares the shit out of me...
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2015.02.09 21:31 brusselsbanger Had sex with a prostitute and it was so wonderful that it is a threat to my marriage

I live in Central Europe where access to legal or semi-legal prostitution is ubiquitous. For a time, over a decade ago, I frequented brothels, despite being married, until I came to the following conclusions:
In short, I have promised my wife that I would never again visit a prostitute or have sex with another person. I kept this promise for more than ten years, but I broke it last month.
The trouble was evident when my train was approaching a station where I knew there was a red light district in the direct vicinity (as is the case with many train stations in Europe). I had an hour to spare, and a raging boner. It was the type that tingles and itches for your attention, penetrating your mind so that you will make decisions that will let it penetrate what it really wants. I found myself weighing two outcomes in my mind: in scenerio 1, I keep on going, riding past the temptuous station, and somewhere between there and home, I step into the lavatory in the train and flush some baby juice down the drain. Or I just ignore it and it the boner goes away. I'm not 19 anymore... this feeling is a bit rare to begin with. In scenerio 2, I get off the train, part with some hard earned money, pay to have someone make me cum, and live with all of the negative consequences that I listed above. In scenerio 2 I become a liar and I break the trust of my wife.
And here's the important thing. In a man's mind, scenerio #2 is going to win, very often. The reason for that has something to do with the need to hunt and acquire new sexual partners. It is absolutely the most exciting thing that exists in a man's existence (at least from my experience and observation), and no amount of potential risk seems great enough to counteract that impulse. Hunting and acquiring a new sexual partner in "the real world" of unpaid consensual adult sex is, however, even riskier, because that involves identity, emotions, attachments, and a much higher cost in effort and time. So the prostitutes look pretty attractive.
I get off the train. I walk down the street with the girls in the windows. They're young, beautiful, and some of them look genuinely nice. Eventually I see a girl who is "my type" and I approach her. She opens the door, and without any complicated fake flirting, she let's me know that it's €40, and that I'm welcome to come in. I ask what we'll do, and she says "suck and fuck." Just what I want (some girls will give you a price but not a commitment to the acts performed, and as soon as you're getting into it, will demand more money to continue; that really ruins the mood, but you shouldn't argue with them - meeting the unseen bouncer is not a good outcome for you).
So I hand her €50, and follow her to her room. It's pleasantly roomy and the atmosphere is good (the booths where the sex is performed can be pretty horrid), and she and I are both relaxed and friendly. I wash my hands. We undress, stroke each other, me exploring her shoulders, hips, breasts, and ass. She quickly finds my penis. We're making smalltalk: she's Bulgarian, I'm a traveller on business, her breasts had some help from a doctor in Bulgaria, and so forth. Then the condom comes on and she begins the "suck" part. She points her ass at my face and I'm rubbing it and looking at her absoultely beautiful pussy.
Then I'm ready, and she climbs on top and expertly takes me into her. It is so wonderful. The feeling of fitting perfectly, and being "inside", not just with my dick poked up inside her so far it will get lost, with the warmth and moisture, the softness of her mound, but also in the grasp of her thighs, and her breasts pressed flat onto me, and her arms and hands grasping my shoulders, and her hair draping down onto me; it was the perfect feeling of physically joining.
We fucked at the perfect pace, for me; slow, then building up to an exciting moment, but then slow, building, building, and then slow again. She varied the angles of her hips and thighs, and she gave a couple moans, but not too exaggerated. If I didn't know better I would have thought it was genuine.
And then, she did something that no paid woman has ever done to me. At that point I was lying with my eyes closed, slowly approaching a climax, when she leaned in with her face, her mouth, just above mine, and I looked at her, peering into my eyes. Her mouth hovered above mine, so that I could taste her breath, and finally, our lips brushed - and for less than a second, the tips of our tongues met.
I climaxed as hard as I've ever done, and she helped me enjoy the afterglow, slowly grinding into my pelvis until the last contractions had gone, and I slipped out. I looked at her, cupped her face into my hands, like a lover, and we smiled at each other.
I cleaned up at the sink, said goodbye, and got back on the next train. For the next 20 minutes I was tingling with hormones and adreneline, and I was very very happy to have had that experience.
And here is the problem. I cannot condone what I did. I cannot recommend it. I don't want it. It threatens the most important and beautiful aspect of my life - my marriage. Such an act changes everything, in so many ways. Here are the two most pernicious changes I have noted:
So that's it. As a betting man, I would say the odds are good I'm going to go back to the brothel some day. I may hold out and resist for a long time, maybe even another decade, but I really can't imagine myself living another 50 years, knowing that there are young girls with their boobs done by a doctor in Bulgaria, who are far more talented suckers and fuckers than my wife, right outside the train station in any of the dozens of towns and cities I travel to for work, and never partaking. Something inside of me needs to have that experience - the feeling of mating with a new partner - at any cost.
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2014.04.01 07:20 DietBeedus College Senior: Not getting any female attention and its affecting my life.

Been for long years of college. Switch majors a couple times, many different jobs. Met many different people and made friends. But for the life of me, women do NOT like me.
So far I've approached many women over my college career and not a single one has shown interest. By approaching I don't mean some PUA crap where you are going up to the woman out of the blue with a script in your mind, but if I saw an attractive woman in my classes/activities/bars whatever I did try to talk to them.
I personally think that I just happen to be going after women that would never like me. Because what are the chances of pursing and flirting with women and not a single one flirting back?
Meanwhile my friends, male and female, seem to have absoultely no problem finding partners. Its as if they fall into their laps like apples from a tree in autumn.
What am I to do? I've tried everything I can think of, and for the past year I've "stopped trying" and I'm no longer pursuing women to see if it was because I was "trying to hard" that was preventing me. Still women don't pay me any mind.
I hate to be the super jealous, super self richeous guy who says "the dicks get the girls" but from what I've seen : People my weight, people fatter than me, people my race, people who are crippled, people who are ugly, get way more attention from females while I'm sitting here with jack fuck all.
Its even to the point where I want to fap to porn but end up giving up halfway because the thought of "you should be doing that with a girl, doesn't that suck that it won't work for you".
Its to the point where when I'm on campus and seeing all these pretty women around me, my mood starts to sour up, even if I'm having a great day. Just because it reminds me of my constant failure at what is a "easy task" for similar people to me.
What should/can a guy who can't get laid do when not getting laid is interfering with other life events?
Footnote: Yes I'm aware that I'm not entitled to women being interested, but c'mon man.
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  9. Absolute Duo [ AMV ] Faster - YouTube
  10. Doctor feminizes her male patient. Male to female ...

In this clip our female doctor and her receptionist transform their male patient into a female. Film is from http://tranisa.com . The story shows how a male ... What did you think about the Random Duo? What do you want to see next? Let me know with a comment! 💜 Follow me on Twitch http://twitch.tv/iamexpel 💌 Join m... Interview with Director of Absolute Impact Partners, a new impact investment venture based in Singapore during SOCAP 2011. Read the full post: http://www.inn... Watch the trailer of “My Absolute Boyfriend' on Viu! http://bit.ly/2E8dl4a Watch the first episode of 'My Absolute Boyfriend' on Viu! http://bit.ly/2Q7... A big thank you to our rock star, Sarah Smith (Business Development Manager - Hard Rock Hotels) for you nice words. AMV Faster Anime: Absolute Duo/アブソリュート・デュオ Episode: 1 - 12 Song: Carry The Crown - Faster episode anime Episode 2018 エピソード 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷 ... Today Absolut has announced the launch of Absolut Love, a campaign developed by Cummins&Partners Sydney, that celebrates the stories of Australian marriage e... The Munro Global Growth Fund is an absolute return (long/short) fund, investing in global equities. It aims to provide investors with meaningful, risk adjust... Danse Country de Partner en Cercle de niveau Débutant (Adaptation à partir de la danse en Ligne) Chorégraphie en Ligne de Joyce Plaskett - Adaptation Couples par Emilio & Danielle Garcia ... Certified Magento Solutions Specialists & Developers --- We follow Magento best practices in code ethics and solutions implementation. Our team consists of c...